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WEEK 10 - 11



FOR WEEKS 10 - 11

  • Openings
  • Fastening
  • Facing hem 



  1. Openings: Openings are features of garments. They help us to put on and take off our clothes .These are different kinds of opening. These include:
  1. Continuous wrap opening: This is a short opening .It can be fastened with hook and eye, buttons, and buttonholes and press studs.
  2. Face slit opening : The faced slit opening are used for front or back neck openings ,wrist cuff opening on long sleeves set into a band.
  1. Fastenings: Most garments need opening .Fastenings are devises or things to be put on and to be take off. They protect the opening from stain or stretching. There are different types of fastening .These includes:
  1. Zips: These are useful on blouses dresses jackets, trousers.
  2. Press studs: These are used where there is less strain 
  3. Hooks and eye/bar: These are used where there is strain, to prevent gaping.
  4. Button and loops: These are used on opening without a wrap.
  5. Buttons and buttonhole: These can be used on opening with a wrap.
  6. Eyelets and cords: These are used to fasten faced slit opening on blouses and children’s dresses.

Cutting and joining of crossway stripes (practical):

Each student should be taught how to cut and join crossway stripes by the subject teacher.



Arrangement of fullness


Fullness in clothing construction means the provision of extra allowance in the garment. This fullness can be created or controlled using the following 

  1. Darts
  2. Tucks
  3. Gathers
  4. Easing 
  5. Pleats
  1. Darts: Darts are taped folds of fabric. They are attached on the wrong side of garment section.

Uses: The control fullness, they turn fabric into shapes to fit the human figure.

  1. Tucks: Tucks are special stitched fold made in garments .They are stitched for all or part of length.


  1. To reduce or control fullness
  2. To provide extra width.
  3. To decorate a garment.
  4. They can be sewn in the shirt.
  5. They can be used to hide a join in the fabric.
  1. Gathers: Gather are small, soft folds made in garment. They are used in children’s clothes to make lightweight skirts and some sleeve cap.

Making a simple baby’s dress (This can be started in class and completed as home work) .Each student should involve in this practical exercise.

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