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  1. Meaning
  2. Features
  3. Format
  4. E-mail


A memorandum (also called memo) is the primary correspondence document used within an organisation, just as a letter is the primary correspondence document between organisations.



There are only four parts to a memorandum. They are

  1. The heading which consists of your distribution list, who it is from, the date and subject.
  • To:            Name and position of the reader
  • From:       Name and position of the writer
  • Date:        Date the memo is sent
  • Subject:   A phrase that focuses the reader’s attention on the subject of the memo


  1. The body of the memo or text.
  2. The reference initial; and
  3. Notations – If necessary.


Evaluation: What is memorandum?


Reading Assignment: WABP JSS2 Business Studies by EgbeEhiametaloret’alpg 165-168.




To:                All Employees

From:            Administrative Manager

Date:             13th February, 2014

Subject:         Lateness to work


It has come to the notice of the management that some employees are coming late to work on a regular basis. Some are clocking in only to leave the company premises after they do so.


With effect from Monday, 17th February, 2014, any employee who fails to reach the office at the stipulated time shall be considered late. Any employee missing at their duty posts for more than twenty minuites without any justifiable reason shall be considered absent from work.


Thank you.

Ali Balogun

Cc: Managing Director.


Evaluation: Draw a format of memorandum.


Reading Assignment: WABP Business Studies by EgbeEhiametaloret’alpg 165-168.



This is simply the shortened form of electronic mail, a system for receiving, sending and storing electronic messages. It has gained nearly universal popularity around the world with the spread of the internet. In many cases, e-mail has become the preferred method for both personal and business communication.



From:          The sender’s e-mail address

To:               The receiver’s e-mail address

Cc:                Indicate other receiver’s(s) e-mail address (other people that will receive the message)

Subject:       A phrase that focuses the reader’s attention on the subject of the e-mail.


Evaluation: What is E-mail?


Reading Assignment: WABP Business Studies by EgbeEhiametaloret’alpg 165-168.


The e-mail message: Instead of using a pen to write a letter on paper, you are using your keyboard to type an e-mail message in an e-mail program on your computer.

Sending the e-mail: When the e-mail is finished and has been addressed to the recepient’s e-mail address, you press the send button without the need to put stamp.


E-mail transport: E-mail servers transmit e-mail messages from sender to recipient like postal services transport letters and parcels.


Fetching new mail: The e-mail programme can check for new e-mail messages at your mail server and download it to be read.


Evaluation: Describe how e-mail is sent.


Reading Assignment: WABP Business Studies by EgbeEhiametaloret’alpg 165-168.



  1. A memorandum is used    A. between different organisations B. by two companies only                               C. to communicate between different government institutions  D. within an organization.
  2. The following are features of a MEMO except____  A. date  B. from  C. salutation                                D. subject.
  3. E-mail is a shortened form of____  A. electric mail                                B. executive mail       C.   elementary mail      D. excellent mail
  4. The internal oral communication within an organisation is known  _____   A. intercom   B. business letter                                                     C. memorandum     D. E-mail.
  5. E-mail was made possible through the ____ on internet                        A. facebook    B. whatup   C. yahoo     D. twitter.
  6. The office abbreviation ‘ref’ means____   A. relevance                        B. referendum    C. reference   D. reflection



  1. Define i. a memorandum       ii. E-mail
  2. Give four  features  a memorandum


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