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Science, Technology and Society






  1. SolakatNew Syllabus on Social Studies for Junior Secondary Schools Books 2 by Oluwasola Oyewole
  2. Macmillan Social Studies Book 2 by M.A Oyebanjo, I.O Osokota, R. Acholomu Ayodele Jegede, Ibrahim Bello.




TOPIC:  Science, Technology and Society

PERIOD I: Meaning of Science and Technology


Science is an organized body of knowledge which depends on theory. It can also be defined as the systematic study of nature. It follows a logical pattern of observing natural phenomenon.

Technology is the application of scientific knowledge to solve practical problems. Technology involves the practical uses of scientific knowledge and ideas to make tools and machines. Science is the raw material used in production of goods and services while the technology is regarded as the finished products.


The Relationship between Science and Technology:

  1. Both science and technology use systematic methods.
  2. Scientific knowledge is the raw material of technology
  3. Scientific knowledge benefits society through technology.
  4. Technological products are more visible in the society than specific knowledge and ideas
  5. There can be no technology without science.


Patterns/Procedures Normally Adopted by Scientists

  1. The problem is recognized through observation.
  2. An hypothesis is formulated to explain a problem. An hypothesis is a statement that may be proved to be right or wrong.
  3. The scientist will then collect necessary information or data on the problem.
  4. Testing of the hypothesis: The scientist compares the information collected with the hypothesis to see if they agree or not. This is also called experimentation and analysis.
  5. Conclusion: The scientist concludes by saying whether his hypothesis has been proved or not.

If the findings of the scientist is published and accepted by other scientists, it becomes a theory.

A scientific theory is a body of ideas borne out of observation, experimentation and analysis.


  1. Define science and technology
  2. What are the relationship between science and technology?


TOPIC: Importance of the Science and Technology


  1. Science and technology have improved the health care services to the extent that diseases and sicknesses could be prevented and cured.
  2. It is now easier and faster to move man and goods from one place to another through the modern means of transportation e.g cars, lorries, trains and aeroplanes.
  3. The modern system of communication has reduced the whole world to a global village. Examples of modern means of communication are radio, television and newspapers.
  4. The uses of modern means of production such as tractors, harvesters and fertilizer have led to the large production of agricultural products in the world.
  5. Computer can now calculate figures which could take man a number of days in a few minutes.
  6. Science and technology have made man to live a comfortable and less stressful life. Man can no longer treck long distances due to the inventions of car, trains, ships and aeroplanes.
  7. Communication is now very easy and faster with the use of telephones and internet services.


Problems of Science and Technology 

  1. Science and technology have increased the rate of accidents on our roads and in industries.
  2. Science and technology have led to increase in the rate of plane crashes.
  3. They have also led to increase in crime rate.
  4. They have caused the pollution of air and water.
  5. Science and technology have increased the incidence of wars in the world.
  6. Science and technology have led to the development of dangerous weapons such as guns and atomic bombs that can destroy lives and property.
  7. Industrial wastes such as plastics and cans which cannot easily decay constitute a mess to our surroundings.


Solutions to Problems of Science and Technology

  1. Pollution is being solved through a process called re-cycling. Re-cycling refers to the use of wastes from aluminium steel, plastics, nylon etc to make new products.
  2. Solar energy is being developed all over the world in order to reduce pollution caused by the use of petroleum products such as fuel, diesel and gas.
  3. United Nations Organization (UNO) is making efforts to prevent or at least reduce incidence of wars in the world.



  1. What are the importance of science and technology?
  2. How has science and technology reduced the world to a global village?



  1. Define value.
  2. Give five importance of value.
  3. Identify the sources of value.
  4. Define religion.
  5. Mention thethree types of religious institutions.



Fundamentals of Social Studies by Sola AkinyemiBook 2 Pages 88 – 89.



  • All the following are examples of science and technology except A. cars B. aeroplanesC. trains D. art works


  1. ____ is an organized body of knowledge A. Science B. Technology C. Evolution D. Revolution
  2. ____is the application of scientific knowledge to solve practical problems A. Science B. Evolution 
  1. Technology D. Revolution.
  1. Which of the following statement is not correct? A. Scientific products are more visible than the technological products. B. Technological products are more visible than scientific products C. There can be no technology without science D. Scientific knowledge is the raw materials of technology.
  2. All the following are importance of science and technology except A. Health care have improved through science and technology B. Movement of people and goods is faster through science and technology C. science and technology have turned the world into a global village D. Science and technology has led to increase in road accidents.



  1. Differentiate between science and technology.
  2. Mention five importances of scienceand technology.

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