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Licenced chemical vendors





  • Business Studies for JSS Bk 2 By O.A. Lawal et’al Publisher: Longman
  • WABP Business Studies for JSS Bk 2 By Egba T. Ehiametalor etal Publisher WABP
  • Business Studies Work Book for JSS Basic 8 By S. Okioyemi   
  • Macmillan JSS 2 Business Studies By Awoyokun A.A et’al.



Licenced chemical vendors:

These are individuals or companies who are permitted by law to sell chemicals to the public. This is usually done outside on the street.


Handling and distribution of chemical: Chemicals are substances that should be handled with care because of their nature. Many chemicals are harmful (corrosive) to human body and are thereby needed to be handled with utmost care. 


Channels for distributing chemicals:

  1. Producer—wholesaler---consumer.
  2. Producer-----consumer. The chemicals must be well packaged before distribution so as to avoid accident.


Effect of wrong handling:

  1. It can lead to damage of body parts.
  2. It can cause crop damage.
  3. It can lead to food poisoning.
  4. It can lead to death.

Production of all goods and services ends when goods get to the final consumer.



What are the effects of handling chemicals wrongly?


When production ends

Production of goods and services is said to have ended when the goods or services produced have reached the hands of the ultimate consumer.

The producer manufactures goods so as to meet the needs of the consumer. Therefore, when the consumer buys the goods and makes use of the products, it is only then that we can say that production has ended.

Reading Assignment: Macmillan Business Studies by Egbe Ehiametalor et’al bk 2 pg 57



  1. One of the following is not an effect of wrong handling of chemical. (a) It leads to death (b) it causes body damage.(c) It may cause hunger (d) It can damage crops.
  2. Who creates utility? (a) retailers (b) manufacturer (c) wholesalers (d) producers.
  3. Production of goods ends when (a) goods are produced (b) raw materials are purchased (c) goods reach final users (d) goods are packaged
  4. Chemicals are corrosive means (a) chemicals are harmless (b) chemicals are consumable (c) chemicals are harmful (d) chemicals are good.
  5. Licensed chemical vendors are permitted to (a) buy chemicals (b) sell chemicals (c) distribute chemicals (d) hoard chemicals. 



  1. Mention three effect of wrong handling of chemicals.
  2. When is production said to have ended?



  1. What other name do we call a producer?
  2. Mention two effects of handling chemical in a wrong way.
  3. What do we mean by channel of production?
  4. Mention four functions of a producer.
  5. Explain buying by auction.

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