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  • Definition or meaning of courage
  • Types of Courage
  • The characteristics of a courageous person


Meaning or Definition of Courage

Courage can be defined simply as the ability to face danger with boldness.

Types of Courage


There are three main types of courage:

  1. Physical courage   
  2. Moral courage and 
  3. Spiritual courage


Physical Courage: This is the ability to physically face a dangerous situation. An example is a girl who got up prepared to kill a snake.


Moral Courage: This is this displayed when one feels that it will be morally wrong not to face the danger or pains associated with a crime.  An example is a child who decided to confess he stole his mother’s pen.


Spiritual Courage: This arises when someone is ready to face danger on account of religious matter. For example. A Prophet is sent by God to warn a king of the consequences of his bad policies . He needs spiritual courage to be able to carry out the assignment.



What is courage?


Attributes or Features of Courage

These are:

  1. boldness 2. Bravery 3. Commitment 4. Endurance 5. Determination 6. Diligence 
  1. Boldness : is the ability to speak out in the face of evil or injustice.
  2. Bravery: is the preparedness to face danger for a purpose.  For example a soldier that goes to war to save his country.
  3. Commitment:  This is a feeling of responsibility in a given situation.  For example, a parent’s duty to his children at school.
  4. Endurance:  Is the ability to go through or bear pains and difficulties.
  5. Determination: is the readiness to face a given task or assignment not minding the difficulties and pains involved.
  6. Diligence: this is the desire or habit of hard work.



Mention three features of courage.


Characteristics of Courageous People: These are 

  1. Boldness : Every courageous person is always bold.
  2. Bravery: A courageous person displays bravery in an unusual circumstances
  3. Commitment : Every courageous person feels a sense of commitment to a goal or given course despite all odds.
  4. Endurance:  By character, every courageous person has an enduring spirit.
  5. Determination: This quality of not giving up despite pains and problems,helps a courageous person to accomplish his goal
  6. Diligence : Every person that is courageous is diligent, that is he/she is hard working.


General Evaluation/Revision Questions

  1. What is courage?
  2. Mention five characteristics of courageous people.
  3. What is co-operation?
  4.  Mention three attributes of co-operation.



Fundamental Civic Education for Basic 8 by Sola Akinyemi pages 28-30



  1. ______ is not an attribute of courage.
  2. Probity     B.  Endurance         C. Diligence        D. Determination
  3. The ability to face danger with boldness is called ________.
  4. cleverness     B. boldness        C. courage        D. commitment
  5. A Prophet who went straight to warn a king of his evil is displaying _____ courage.
  6. moral     B. spiritual        C. physical        D. none of the above
  7. A girl that got prepared to kill a snake is displaying ______ courage.
  8. spiritual     B. moral        C.  physical        D. girl’s
  9. Every country needs ______ men and women to attain greatness.
  10. courageous     B. able            C. disable        D. old



  1. What is courage?
  2. List three characteristics of a courageous person.

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