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    • Meaning of contentment.
    • Attributes of contentment
    • Effects of lack of contentment


Meaning of Contentment

Contentment is a feeling of satisfaction and happiness with whatever one has.  Nobody can get all that he or she wants in life.  This is because as one’s need is met, another one is created.  To live a happy life therefore, one should be satisfied with what one can honestly acquire.


Attributes of Contentment: these are

      1. Satisfaction 
      2. Lack of envy
      3. Humility
      4. Hatred for Greed
      5. Abhorrence or hatred for corruption


  1. Satisfaction : A person that is contented is always satisfied with what he can honestly acquire and so tries to live within his means.
  2. Lack of Envy: A person that is contented envies nobody.  Instead he works diligently to improve himself.
  3. Humility: A person that is contented is always humble, he does not look down on others but treats them with dignity and respect
  4. Hatred for Greed: A contented person hates greed. That is, he hates grab-it-all attitude in whatever he does.
  5. Abhorrence or Hatred for Corruption: A contented person hates everything that is immoral and does not abuse his office for personal gains.



  1. Define contentment.
  2. List five attributes of contentment.


Effects of Lack of Contentment

Lack of contentment is the foundation of many problems in our society today.  Among such problems are:

  1. corruption
  2. greed
  3. envy
  4. stealing
  5. prostitution 
  6. robbery
  7. cheating
  1. Corruption: When people in a society lack contentment, corruption will be the order of the day.
  2. Greed:  lack of contentment leads to greed.  That is the attitude of accumulating wealth for future generations at the expense of others.

iii.      Envy:  Lack of contentment breeds envy . It in turn, leads to other anti-social behaviours such as assassination, etc.

  1. Stealing :  A person that is not contented with what he can honestly acquire will definitely steal sooner or later.
  2. Prostitution : Ladies and women who ‘sell’ their bodies for money, do so because of lack of contentment with what they have.
  3. Robbery: Some youths that are engaged in armed robbery today are suffering the consequences of lack of contentment.  They hate to live simple life.

vii.    Cheating:  Cheating arises from lack of contentment and inability to work hard.



State five effects of lack of contentment.



  1. What is contentment?
  2. Mention three attributes of contentment.
  3. What is honesty?              
  1.   Mention three attributes of honesty



Fundamentals of Civic Education for Basic 8 by Sola Akinyemi pgs 19-21



  1. ______is the cause of prostitution, stealing and cheating.
  2. Fair-play B. Contentment    C. Honesty        D. Lack of contentment
  3. These are some of the effects of lack of contentment except_____.
  4. stealing B. cheating        C. prostitution        D. probity
  5. Happiness and satisfaction with what one has is called _________.
  6. probity B. fair-play        C. honesty        D. contentment
  7. A student who refused to join his mates in stealing is demonstrating_____ 
  8. contentment B. fair-play    C. non- compromise of principles
  9. truthfulness 
  10. Probity, truthfulness and fair-play are sense of the features of ________.
  11. integrity         B. contentment    C. honesty        D. cleverness



  1. Define contentment.
  2. List and explain two consequences of lack of contentment.

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