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WEEK 3 - 4



Definition of Family House

Family house is a building in which people live or residence for human beings include ancestors and descendants, father, mother, children and other relative. It can also be defined as building or shelter with many rooms in which different individuals or a group of people live.

Functional Areas of Family House

A house has many areas which can be called portions, apartment or rooms .There are functional areas of family house are:

  1. The sitting room�
  2. The bathroom
  3. The dining room
  4. The kitchen
  5. The bathroom and Toilet.

Uses and Functions of Functional Areas of Family House�

Sitting room: This is a large room in a house generally regarded as a common room for everybody .It is usually located close to the entrance of the house .Items found in the sitting room include television set, curtain, radio set, picture frame, book case, wall clock carpets or rug, furniture.

Dining room: This room is used for eating; some of the essential pieces of furniture for this room include a settee, cushioned chairs, stools, dining table with chairs, cupboard drawers for storing cutlery and table linen

Uses of Sitting Room or Dining Room

  1. Guests are entertained in the sitting room.
  2. Family member do relax in the sitting room.
  3. It is used by young children when playing toys.
  4. It can be used for dining room.
  5. It can be used as reading room by children
  6. It can be used for holding family meeting

The bedroom: This is a special room for sleeping, ether in the night or during the day .it may be small or big depending on the plan of the owner of the house. The essential furniture found in the bedroom are: a bed, dressing table, wardrobe, cushioned chair, shelve.

Uses of the Bedroom

  1. It is used for sleeping, either during the day or night.
  2. It can be used as a place of resting or relaxation.
  3. It is used as a dressing room especially if is small.
  4. It is used for discuss private matters.
  5. It is used for keeping belonging or properties of family.
  6. It can be used for private reading especially when there is no library.

The Kitchen: The kitchen is a room more like a workshop. It is a place where food is cooked or prepared .In some places the kitchen is usually outside the house, but it is not hygienic. The food which is cooked outside is exposed to flies, dust and dirt. Cooking should be done in a very clean kitchen because the food we eat affect our health .Our kitchen should always look neat, clean so as to make cooking easy.

Use of Kitchen

  1. The kitchen is used for preparing food for the family.
  2. It is used for storing utensils for cooking and eating.
  3. It is used as a store room for food items.
  4. It is used for washing place and other cooking utensil.
  5. It is used for storing water and other soup ingredients.
  6. It is used for housing refrigerator, freezer and oven.
  7. It is serves as eating room for busy housewife at times.

Bathroom and Toilet: Bathrooms and toilets are two of the most essential rooms in the house .A bathroom is used for bathing� and washing while the toilet issued for urinating and defecating .These are various types of toilets which include the pit latrine ,bucket latrine and the modern toilet. The types of bathroom are the traditional bathroom, a shower type and a modern bathroom.

Use of Bathroom and Toilet

  • Bathroom

  1. The bathroom is used for bathing�
  2. It is used for soaked underwear such as pants, tight, waist slip ,brassieres,
  3. It can be used for washing clothes.

  • Toilet

  1. It is used for defecating, vomiting, urinating
  2. Bathing can take place in the toilet especially if it is built with bathroom

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