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Some of the people of integrity in Nigeria earned their reputations in the following ways:

Prof Dora Akunyili:  Professor Akunyili gained international recognition as an author of international standard.  But more importantly, she became a notable person of integrity during her tenure as the Director General of NAFDAC (National Agency of Food Drugs Administration and Control). She fought tooth and nail against counterfeit drugs and unsafe food.  She did all these at the expense of her personal safety.


Some of the numerous awards received by her are

    1. Person of the year 2005 award
    2. Integrity Award 2003 by Transparency International etc


Prof. Wole Soyinka is a renowned play-Wright.  In 1986 he became the first black African to be awarded the Noble prize for Literature. Prof. Soyinka is a social critic. His works openly criticize the Nigerian government .  He was imprisoned for two years on the charges that he aided the attempted secession of Biafra from Nigeria.  He was however released in 1969.


Gen. Murtala Ramat Mohammed: he became Nigerian Head of State on July 29, 1975.  He scraped the controversial 1973 census and reverted to the 1963 count for official purposes.  He purged the civil service, judiciary, police force, diplomatic service, public corporations and some of their officials were brought to trial on charges of corruption.


Note:  the attributes of integrity in the brief history of the lives of the persons and many more .



  1. What are the attributes of integrity, common in the three of them?
  2. Is any attribute of integrity missing in them?  What is it?


Need For People of Integrity

Every society is in dare need of people of integrity for the following reasons:

  1. Community development:  Unless there are  men of integrity, money meant for community development will be embezzled thereby retarding the growth of the community.
  2. Peaceful co-existence: peaceful co-existence is the vital pillar of development in any society. Men and women of integrity will always make efforts to ensure peace in the society.  We therefore need people of integrity to help ensure pace and harmony in the society.
  3. Models for young ones: if our young ones are to be people of integrity they must have people to look up to in order to imbibe integrity.  Thus those in position of authority such as teachers, principals, parents and politician must display integrity.

.4.    To Boost our international Image: men and women of integrity are valuable human assets.  When a country has men and women of sound character and proven integrity, her citizens would be highly respected in other countries.

  1. Responsible Youths: if the society has many men and women of integrity our youth will naturally produce boys and girls of integrity.
  2. To reduce Evil Practice: If atrocities like bribery and corruption must stop, then we need youth, men and women of integrity.



Mention three need for people of integrity in the society.



  1. Mention two reasons for the need for people in the society.
  2. List three people in your society.
  3. Mention three factors that promote the value system.
  4.  Mention two importance of values.



Fundamentals of Civic Education for Basic 8 by Sola Akinyemi pgs 6-16.



  1. ______is the most useful quality for a nation’s  growth and development.
  2. Integrity B. Sportsmanship        C. Steadfastness    D. Contentment
  3. Integrity defines a man and also a nation
  4. True B. False        C. True and false    D. none of the above
  5. People of integrity are needed for the following except_____.
  6. peaceful  co-existence B. peaceful demonstration     C. community development
  7. chaotic development.
  8. All men and women of integrity have many things in common.
  9. yes     B. no            C. Yes and no        D. I don’t think so
  10. A nation needs men and women of integrity for the following reasons except_____.
  11. Good international image. B.  Models for younger generation. C.  Lawless
  12. Reduce evil practice.



  1. All men and women of integrity have many things in common. What are these things?
  2. List five reasons why we need men and women of integrity?

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