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History of Soccer






  1. Essentials of Physical and Health Education for J.S.S 1
  2. Physical and Health Education Hand Book for J.S.S 1



TOPIC: History of Soccer


The game of soccer which is popularly thought to have originated in England dates back to the 10th century. However, there is considerable evidence to show that a form of soccer was played by the Romans who learnt it from the Greeks.


The game was also introduced to United States of America around 1870. The English called it association football while the Americans called it soccer. The beginning of international Football started in 1872, between England and Scotland in Glasgow.


The first World Cup Championship was organized in 1930 in Uruguay, South America, where thirteen (13) countries participated. 


Since then, soccer has become a household name and World Championship. 


Federation of International Football Association (FIFA) was founded on the 21st May, 1904 with Guerin as the first president, with the responsibilities of overseeing the game Worldwide.

The headquarters is situated in Zurich, Switzerland. 


Origin of the Game in Nigeria

The game was brought to Nigeria by the colonial masters in the early 19thcentury, the British sailors that made stopover in Nigeria played the game as recreation. 


In 1945, Nigeria Football Association (NFA) was founded till 2007 and Nigeria Football Federation (N.F.F) was formed in 2007 till date.


Dimension of the Soccer Pitch

The shape         -        Rectangular

The side/touchline    -        100m – 120m

The goal line        -        75m – 90m

The goal area        -        5.5m by 18.32m

The penalty area    -        16.5m by 40.32m

The radii of circles    -        9.15m

The penalty spot to the goal line    11m

The height of the goal post    -    2.44m

The length of the cross bar    -    7.32m

The radii of corner arches    -    1m

The corner flag post        -    1.5m


The Facilities in Soccer 

  • Playing pitch / field
  • Goal posts


The Equipment in Soccer

  1. The nets
  2. The ball
  3. The jerseys
  4. The soccer boots
  5. The hand gloves
  6. The socks/hose
  7. The stopwatch
  8. The whistle 
  9. The flags 
  10. The referee’s cards (Yellow and Red)


The Skills and Techniques 


  • Kicking or shooting
  • Passing
  • Dribbling
  • Goal keeping
  • Feinting (Faking)
  • Heading
  • Throw – in
  • Tackling
  • Trapping (Ball control)



The Officials in Soccer

  • The referee 
  • Match commissioner
  • Two assistant referees (lines men)
  • Reserve referee



  1. Narrate briefly the history of soccer
  2. What are the facilities of soccer?



Read pages 54 – 63 of Essentials of Physical and Health Education for J.S.S 1 Bk. 1



  1. Write out five equipments in soccer.
  2. Write out the skills in soccer.
  3. Explain the term kicking in soccer.
  4. What player prevents the ball from scoring in soccer game?


  1. FIFA was founded in which year? A. 1972    B. 1985    C. 1904     D. 1958
  2. The headquarters of FIFA is at ____ A. Maryland     B. England    C. Switzerland     D. Holland
  3. Nigeria Football Association was founded in the year? A. 1945     B. 1954     C. 1909    D. 1967
  4. Nigeria Football Association was later change to ____ A. C.A.F    B. N.I.S     C. N.F.F     D. N.B.A
  5. What is the shape of the soccer pitch?    A. Triangle   B. Rectangle    C. Square    D. Circle


  1. Draw out and label the standard soccer pitch 
  2. Draw the soccer ball and the soccer boots.

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