Lesson Notes By Weeks and Term - Junior Secondary School 1

Basic Facts on State





Week Eight

Topic: Basic Facts on State


  1. State, Capitals, slogans, emblems, dates of creation, number of Local Government Area .

S/NStateCapitalSlogan/EmblemsDates of CreationNo of LGA
1AbiaUmuahiaGod's Own State27th Aug, 199117
2AdamawaYolaHighest Peak of the Nation27th Aug, 199121
3Akwa IbomUyoLand of Promise27th Aug, 198733
4AnambraAwkaHome for all27th Aug 199121
5BauchiBauchiPearl of Tourism3rd Feb. 197620
6BayelsaYenagoaPride of the Nation1st Oct. 19969
7BenueMakurdiFood Basket of the Nation3rd Feb 197623
8BornoMaiduguriHome of Peace27th May 196727
9Cross River CalabarPeoples Paradise3rd Feb 197619
10DeltaAsabaThe Big Heart27th Aug 199126
11EbonyiAbakalikiThe Salt of the Nation1st Oct 199613
12EdoBenin CityThe Heartbeat of the Nation27th May 198718
13EkitiAdo EkitiFountain of Knowledge1st Oct 199616
14EnuguEnuguCoal City State27th May 198717
15GombeGombeJewel in the Savannah1st Oct 199611
16ImoOwerriEastern Heartland3rd Feb 197627
17JigawaDutseThe New World27th Aug. 199128
18KadunaKadunaLiberal State27th Aug 198728
19KanoKanoCenter of Commerce27th May 196744
20KatsinaKatsinaHome of Hospitality27th Aug 198734
21KebbiBirnin KebbiLand of Equity27th Aug 199122
22KogiLokojaThe Confluence State27th Aug 199122
23KwaraIllorinThe State of Harmony27th May 198710
24LagosIkejaCenter of Excellence27th May, 196720
25NasarawaLafiaHome of Solid Minerals1st Oct. 199613
26NigerMinnaThe Power State3rd Feb 197625
27OgunAbeokutaThe Gateway State3rd Feb 197622
28OndoAkureThe Sunshine State3rd Feb 197619
29OsunOsogboState of Living Spring27th Aug 199130
30OyoIbadanThe Pacesetters27th May, 196724
31PlateauJosHome of Peace and Tourism27th May, 196724
32SokotoSokotoSeat of the Caliphate27th May, 196723
33TarabaJalingoNatues Gift to the Nation27th Aug. 199116
34YobeDamaturuThe Young Shall Grow27th Aug 199118
35ZamfaraGusauHome of Agricultural Product1st Oct 199615
36FCTAbujaCenter of Unity12th Dec 19916

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