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Road Accident in Nigeria





Week Seven

Topic: Road Accident in Nigeria


  • meaning
  • Causes of Road Accident
  • How to Prevent Road Accident
  • Agencies that maintain safety on the highway.

Road accident refers to mishap that occur on our roads that result into loss of lives and property. Road accident involves vehicles and human being and goods. The following are the causes of road accident.

  1. Disobedience to traffic rules and regulations.
  2. Poor nature of our roads e.g bend, narrow, bridges and bump.
  3. Reckless or wrong parking of vehicles.
  4. Ignorance on the part of the motorist.
  5. Poor condition of the vehicles e.g dull light, malfunction brake etc
  6. Absence of road signs on most of the roads.
  7. Wrong overtaking.

Consequences of road accident in Nigeria

  1. Loss of lives and property i.e thousand die yearly due to road accident.
  2. Road accident leads to disability.
  3. It brings fear and anxiety.
  4. Economic loss to the nation.

How to Prevent Road Accident

  1. Proper enlightenment for motorist.
  2. Motorist should desist from using fake spare parts e.g fake tyres.
  3. The government should carry out regular maintenance on the roads.
  4. There should be road signs to give drivers information about the road.
  5. The motorist should avoid alcohol while driving.
  6. Making and answering calls should be avoided while driving.

Agencies That Ensure Safety On The Road

  1. Federal Road Safety Corps (Commission )
  2. Vehicles Inspection Officer (V.I.O)
  3. Lagos State Transport Management Agency
  4. Nigeria Police (NP)


  1. How can accident be prevented on the high way.
  2. Mention any four agencies that ensure safety on the high way.

Weekend Assignment

  1. The best way to avoid accident on the high ways is to _______.
  2. drink alcohol while driving B. drive recklessly on he high way
  3. exceed the speed limit D. observe the speed limit.
  4. Road accident can lead to loss of lives.
  5. No B. Yes C. I am not sure D. none of the above
  6. The agency saddled with the responsibility of ensuring safety on the highway is ______.
  8. Bad roads can lead to accident.
  9. Yes B. No C. I am not sure D. all of the above
  10. Adherence to road signs can help to ________ accident.
  11. prevent B. increase C. have D. step up


  1. List four agencies that ensure safety on the high way.
  2. Outline five ways of preventing road accident.

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