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Ball Games (Volleyball)






  1. Essentials of Physical and Health Education for J.S.S 1
  2. Physical and Health Education Hand Book for J.S.S 1



TOPIC: Ball Games (Volleyball)

CONTENT: Brief History of Volleyball 

Volleyball as a game was invented by William J. Morgan at Holyoke Y.M.C.A gymnasium in America in 1895. The international Volleyball Association was formed in 1947.

Volleyball became an Olympic game in 1964 and was first played at the Olympic games in Tokyo, Japan.



The Nigeria Volleyball Federation was formed in 1970 with Dr. J.COmoruanas its first Chairman. It is a game played between two teams of six players each. The Volleyball Court which is rectangular in shape is divided into two by a centre line where the net poles are fixed and each term of cupids a side


The Volleyball Court Dimension 

The baseline or width        -        9m

The sideline or length        -        18m

The length of front court    -        3m

The length of back court    -        6m

The height of net for men    -        2.43m

The height of net for women    -        2.24m

The service zone        -        9m


The Facilities and Equipment in Volleyball

The Facilities 

  • The court 
  • The net support
  • The referee’s stand


The Equipment

  • The ball
  • The net
  • The whistle
  • The score board
  • The score sheets
  • The wears for the players



  1. Write out brief history of volleyball 
  2. Write out the dimension of volleyball court. 

The Skills and Techniques in Volleyball

  • The Service
  • The Digging
  • The Setting
  • The Spiking
  • The Blocking
  • The Volleying
  • The Retrieving 


The Basic Rules in Volleyball

  1. Start the game by tossing/toss the ball at service.
  2. Rally and scoring – either team wins a point depending on which team faults.
  3. Position of players (number in one team – six, 3 players in front court, 3 players in back court)
  4. Service must be from anywhere from the baseline.
  5. Six substitutes are allowed in a game.
  6. Rotation of players is clockwise.
  7. It is side – out when a serving team loses a rally or service.
  8. Ball is out of play – when the balltouches the ground or any object outside the boundary.
  9. 25 points to win with at least two points lead.
  10. A maximum of 3 consecutive touches is allowed for a team at a time.
  11. Spiking is not allowed from the back court.
  12. The ball can be played with any part of the body provided it is not a double contact.
  13. A libero who may not change position with others is allowed to play at the back court. 


The Officials in Volleyball

  • The first referee 
  • The second referee
  • A scorer
  • Two or four linesmen


Volleyball Terminologies 


  • Time outs: - Is a pause for rest or substitution or both. Each team may take two time outs for rest or substitutions. 
  • Side out: - Is used when a server loses a service. Or when a serving team commits an infringement during a rally. 
  • Rally: - Is a prolong exchange of ball between the two teams
  • Set Point: - Is a situation where a team has only one point left to win a game.
  • Deuce: - Is called when the points tie at 24 – 24 or any tied points after 24 – 24
  • Match: - a match is the winning of three games out of five games.
  • Deadball: - A term used when the ball is not in play
  • Double Contact: - Used when the ball touches a player’s uniform or body in his attempt to return it. 
  • Double Foul: - Is called when two players of a team commit an infringement at the same time. 




Read Pages 45 – 53 of Essentials of Physical and Health Education for J.S.S 1 Bk. 1



  1. Mention three facilities of volleyball game
  2. List the four official in volleyball game
  3. What is “side out” in volleyball
  4. Explain the term “Timeout” in volleyball game.


  1. The game of volleyball was invented by   A. James Naismith    B. Peter Torch   C. William J. Morgan     D. Luggard Elliot 
  2. Volleyball became an Olympic game in ____ A. 1946    B. 1952    C. 1975    D. 1964
  3. A team in volleyball consists of how many players?   A. Six   B. Seven   C. Eight    D. Nine 
  4. The height of the net for male in Volleyball is ____  A. 2.43m     B. 3.43m    C. 4.43m     D. 5.43m
  5. The length of the Volleyball court is ____ A. 11m    B. 16m   C. 12m    D. 18m



  1. Draw and label the Volleyball court
  2. Draw out the ball in Volleyball game.

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