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Traffic Rules and Regulations





Week Six

Topic: Traffic Rules and Regulations


  1. Traffic Rules and Regulations
  2. Effects of disobeying traffic rules and regulations�

Traffic can be described as the movement of vehicles, goods and people from one place to another.� Such vehicles include cars, lorries, aircraft, ships, trains etc.

The rules and regulations that govern smooth movement on the roads are referred to as Traffic Rules and Regulations.��

Traffic light : these are unique lights at road junction to control the flows of traffic.� It has colours of green, red and yellow.� The lights function as follows:

  1. Green��� -��� Go ahead
  2. Red -��� Stop

iii.��� Yellow-��� Get ready

The traffic ruless� include the following :

  1. Avoid drinking alcohol while driving.
  2. Park to receive and make calls.
  3. Avoid over speeding.
  4. Always use indictors for various movement .
  5. Adhere strictly to road signs.
  6. Avoid parking your car in obstruction.
  7. Use your seat belt while driving
  8. Motorcyclists should use helmet and avoid overloading.
  9. Motor cyclist should use normal horn.
  10. Avoid loud music while driving while motorcyclist should not use radio at all.
  11. Pedestrians should use road pavement while they walk on the roads
  12. Pedestrian bridges should be used where provided or zebra crossing points.
  13. Pedestrians should walk opposite the traffic rather than backing it while they walk on the road.
  14. Look left, right and left before crossing the road.
  15. Observe the speed limit


  1. What is traffic rules and regulations�
  2. Outline any five rules that must be obeyed on the road.

Weekend Assignment

  1. The three colours in the traffic light� are
  2. Yellow, blue, white
  3. Yellow, black, red
  4. Red, Yellow and Green
  5. None of the above
  6. __________ is the movement of person, vehicles and goods from one place to another,
  7. Traffic��� ��� B. Sports��� ��� C. Exercise��� ��� D. Loitering
  8. To avoid accident we must
  9. observe the speed limit
  10. drink while driving�
  11. disobey traffic rules
  12. over speed
  13. Green light indicates
  14. Stop ��� ��� B. Go��� ��� ��� C. Standby��� ��� D. None of the above
  15. Red� light means ________
  16. Stop ��� ��� B. Go��� ��� ��� C. Standby��� ��� D. None of the above


  1. Outline any five traffic rules you know.
  2. Mention three colours in the traffic light and their meaning.

References: Fundamentals of Civic Education for Basic 7 JSS1.���

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