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Rights and Obligations of Nigeria Citizens





Week 5

Topic: Rights and Obligations of Nigeria Citizens


  1. Rights of a good citizen
  2. Duties /obligations of a good citizen

Rights are the privileges given by law to be enjoyed by citizens of a country.� These rights are entrenched in the constitution of every country.� The following are the rights of a good citizen:

  1. Right to life
  2. Right to freedom of expression�
  3. Right to fair hearing
  4. Right to freedom of association
  5. Right to vote or be voted for
  6. Right to freedom of conscience and religion
  7. Right to privacy
  8. Right to dignity of human person

Obligations Performed by a Good Citizen

Obligation refers to duties expected to be performed by a good citizen. These duties are

  1. Payment of taxes: A good citizen must pay his tax.� Failure to pay tax is referred to as tax evasion
  2. Taking part in politics:� A good citizen must vote during election or stand as candidates for a political party.� Non challant attitudes to election is known as political apathy.
  3. Obedience to Law: Law is made for our own good.� A good citizen must adhere strictly to the Law of the land.
  4. Respect for National Symbols:� Symbols such as Naira notes, Anthem, The pledge, The President should be honoured�
  5. Readiness to Serve: A good citizen should be willing to serve in the army when necessary if he or she is appointed in any capacity he/she must not object to it
  6. A good citizen must have respect for Parents and Elders.
  7. A good citizen must respect public property e.g Power Holding� equipment, Public utilities eg Stadium, schools etc.

Failure to perform these duties may result to

  1. Disunity.
  2. Breaking down of law and order.
  3. Insecurity.
  4. Loss of lives.
  5. Slow growth.


  1. What is a right?
  2. State five obligation of a good citizen.

Weekend Assignment

  1. _________ are the privileges given by law to be enjoyed by citizens of a country.
  2. Rights��� ��� B. Left��� ��� ��� C.� Punishment ��� ��� D. Abuse
  3. Failure to perform our obligations can lead to ___________.
  4. disunity ��� B. progress��� ��� C. development ��� ��� D. growth
  5. A person who pays his tax regularly can be described as
  6. bad citizen ��� B. good citizen��� C. useless citizen��� ��� D. sycophant
  7. _______ are the same as duties.
  8. Obligations B. Rights��� ��� C. Privileges��� ��� ��� D. non of the above
  9. It is good to be a good citizen.
  10. Yes ��� ��� B. No��� ��� ��� C. Yes or No��� ��� ��� D. None of the above


  1. Outline any five basic fundamental human rights of a citizen.
  2. State five obligation expected to be performed by a good citizen.

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