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Human Rights : How to Prevent Human Right Abuse





Week Four

Topic: Human Rights – How to Prevent Human Right Abuse


  1. Human rights
  2. How to prevent human right abuse
  3. Limitation on human rights

Human rights as discussed in the previous chapter as the basic freedoms enjoyed by the citizens of a country.� These rights can be denied after a due legal process.

How to Prevent Human Right Abuse

  1. A well democratic government should be inn place.� This enhances protection of citizen’s right.
  2. A strong and free press:- A strong and free press will prevent abuse of human rights. Electronic and print media of Punch, AIT, TCS serve as vital antidote against the abuse of human rights in Nigeria.
  3. Strict adherence to the rule of law . Both the government and the governed should obey the law.
  4. Judiciary which is the last hope of man should be independent.
  5. Law enforcement agencies such as : police state security services etc should be impartial .
  6. The human right organisation such as (CLO), Committee for the Defence of human right (CDHR), National Association of Democratic Lawyers (NADL) should be active.
  7. Human rights activists such as Major Abubabar Umar(Rtd), Festus Keyamo, Gani Fawehinmi should rise to the challenge.
  8. Public Compliant Commission – ombudsman serves as a mechanism through which the rights of common man is protected.
  9. The constitution should be held supreme to forbid harassment and intimidations
  10. Enlightenment campaign, i.e mass literacy should be in place to make people know their rights.

Limitation of Human Rights

  1. State of emergency e. Borno, Jos
  2. A person suffering from contagious disease may be denied his right to association. E.g. leprosy, chicken pox etc
  3. A minor (i.e a person less than eighteen years) may be prevented from voting�
  4. A criminal suspect may be denied some of his rights to ensure justice
  5. A condemned criminal cannot enjoy the right to life.
  6. An individual’s property may be acquired by government for public use.


  1. What is Human Rights?
  2. Mention four ways of preventing human right abuse.

Weekend Assignment�

  1. A person less than eighteen years can not vote in Nigeria
  2. Yes ��� ��� B. No��� ��� ��� C. false��� ��� D. untrue
  3. When a person is condemned to death, his right to _______ is restricted.
  4. life ��� ��� B. privacy��� ��� C. conscience ��� ��� D. own property
  5. The press can help to safeguard human right
  6. Yes ��� ��� B. No��� ��� ��� C. Untrue��� ��� D. I am not sure
  7. One of the following is NOT a Human Right Activist
  8. Chief Gani Fawehinmi
  9. Major Abubakar Umar
  10. Festus Keyamo
  11. General Sanni Abacha
  12. A person whose right is abused may lose confidence in the society.
  13. Yes ��� B. No��� ��� ��� C. Untrue��� ��� D. None of the above


  1. Suggest five ways by which human right abuse can be curbed in Nigeria.
  2. � List five Human Right crusaders you know.

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