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Human Rights : Meaning and Forms of Human Rights





Week Two�

Topic: Human Rights – Meaning and Forms of Human Rights.


  1. Meaning of Human Right
  2. Forms of Human Rights

Human Right or fundamental Human Rights refers to the basic freedoms enjoyed� by the citizens of a country.� Citizen’s right can only be taken after a due legal process.

Forms of Fundamental Human Rights.

  1. Rights to life.
  2. Right to fair hearing
  3. Right to freedom of expression
  4. Rights to freedom of religion and good conscience.
  5. Rights to vote and be voted for.
  6. Rights to basic necessities of life e.g shelter, education, association, protection.

Human Right Abuse

  1. Human right abuse occurs when a person is denied his rights against the law of the land.

Forms of Human Right Abuse

  1. police harassment.
  2. Unlawful arrest and detention – under the law, suspected criminal cannot be kept in prison more than 24 hours before bringing him to court.
  3. Torture: torture is a way of forcing a person to say or do something by inflicting pain on his body.
  4. Military government – this type of government engages in dictatorship, unlawful arrest, detention and all forms of abuse.
  5. Religious intolerance e.g Boko Haram killing of Christians in Northern parts of the country.
  6. Denial of press freedom by the government .
  7. Prevention of people from voting or being voted for.
  8. Making a specific law to punish political opponents.�

Effects of Human Rights Abuse on Individuals

  1. Torture may lead to ill-health or death.
  2. It brings shame and cause the person to lose his reputation in the society.
  3. A family whose breadwinner is unlawfully detained may suffer from poverty.
  4. Loss of confidence in a society.
  5. Constant human rights abuse may turn people to militia e.g Niger Delta militants


  1. What is Human Right Abuse?
  2. State three effects of Human Right abuse and individuals.

Weekend Assignment

  1. One of the following is not a fundamental human right of a citizen.
  2. Right to life B. Right to freedom of expression��� C. Right to privacy��� D. Right to abuse the state
  3. Unlawful arrest and detention is a form of human right abuse
  4. Yes ��� ��� B. No��� ��� C. none of the above��� D. I am not sure
  5. Presence of military government can cause human right abuse.
  6. Yes ��� ��� B. No��� ��� C. Yes or No��� ��� D. None of the above
  7. A rigid constitution is the one that __________
  8. is simple to amend B. requires many politicians to amend���
  9. requires complex procedure for its amendment
  10. is not found at all
  11. Police harassment is a form of human right abuse
  12. No ��� ��� B. Yes��� ��� ��� C. I am not sure��� D. false


  1. State five forms of Human Rights Abuse
  2. Define Human Right.

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