Lesson Notes By Weeks and Term - Junior Secondary School 1

Characteristics of farm animals

Date: 23rd of January- 3rd of February 2023

Class: JSS 1

Term: 2nd Term

Week: 3 & 4

Subject: Agricultural Science

Topic: Characteristics of farm Animals

Duration:45 minutes

Teaching Aid: A chart

Reference Book: WABP Junior secondary Agriculture for Nigerian School 1 by Anthony Youdeowei et al

Behavioural Objectives: By the end of this topic, students should be able to

  1. Describe the general characteristics of cattle and goat
  2. Describe the general characteristics of sheep and pigs


Step 1: Teacher revises last topic

Step 2: Teacher introduces and explains new topic

Step 3: Teacher writes note on the board

Step 4: Teacher evaluates students

Step 5: Teacher marks students' notes and give assignment

Previous knowledge: Students have been taught forms of farm animals




  1. It has large body size
  2. It is a ruminant that grazes on herb and pasture
  3. It has four pairs of hoofs on each limb
  4. Male and female have horns
  5. Calves at least once in a year
  6. Produces a calf in one parturition
  7. The udder has four glands
  8. Well formed earlobes
  9. The gestation period is between 283-305 days
  10. Their puberty age ranges between 8-12 months


  1. They are very hard and can survive unfavourable environment conditions
  2. They have medium size
  3. Male and female have horns
  4. They are vey prolific and can produce kids three times in two years
  5. Have unturned tail
  6. They are reared mostly for meat, skin, milk and fibre
  7. They are the most acceptable breed of farm animals
  8. Male is often with beards
  9. The gestation periods between 145, 154 days or 4-5 month
  10. They are mostly reared on the extensive system


  1. They have medium size with long legs
  2. Have long thin tail which hang down
  3. The ear lobes are long and dropping
  4. They are grazers and can also scavenger on relish of road size
  5. They are kept mostly for meat, wool, fleese and milk purposes
  6. Leather from sheep hides are sued to make shoe, gloves and jackets
  7. They seem to be very stupid in appearance and behaviour
  8. The gestation period is between 151-154 days or 51/12 months.
  9. Only the males have horns, but the female are polled
  10. Twining is very common (Delivery of twins).


  1. They have a high deposit of fats hence their association with ponds or water because of catabolism.
  2. They are very prolific producing 8-16 piglets at a time
  3. They can farrow twice in a year
  4. The gestation period is very short, it is 114 days (3monts, 3 weeks and 3 days)
  5. They have high feed convertibility
  6. They can produce at any time
  7. They are monogastric animals and are mostly omnivores in natures
  8. The neck is short and fixed i.e. the neck is immovable
  9. The tail is short and coiled.

Evaluation: Describe the characteristics of a goat

Assignment: Draw and label a cattle, sheep, goat and pig (2 weeks)

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