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Revision: Identifying Types of Nouns


SUBJECT:�ENGLISH LANGUAGE��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� � � � � �



  1. Effective English Text Book. J.S.S1 . Michael Montgomery et al.
  2. Count Down English. Revised Edition. O. Ogunsanwo et al.�
  3. Creative and Guided Composition for Senior Classes. C.O Odetola



Identifying Types of Nouns

Identify the nouns in the following sentences

  1. No one understands why whales sometimes strand themselves.
  2. Since 1989, people in a group called Project Jonah have used an inflatable pontoon to rescue stranded whales and other marine mammals.
  3. More than two thousand marine mammals have been helped in recent times.

Identifying Types of Pronouns

Identify the pronouns in the sentences below and state their types.

  1. Which of the animals do you think has the worst reputation?
  2. I believe the skunk is the animal that most people want to avoid.
  3. The skunk can easily protect itself from others.
  4. It can spread those nearby with a bad-smelling liquid.
  5. This is a repellant that drives away predator.

Identifying Types of Verbs

Identify the verbs in the sentences below and state their types.

  1. The Puerto Rican Traveling Theatre performs plays about Hispanic Life in the United States.
  2. Over the past twenty years, this group has grown into a famous Hispanic theater group
  3. In a way, speakers of both languages enjoy the play.

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