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Meaning of Reconciliation

Reconciliation is the mean or process by which we bring back or restore good relationship that had been broken between two individual and group of people.

Co-operation between the two and those around them required no reconciliation. The one who wronged becomes bitter and builds up hate for his friend and everybody around him .The two refuse to talk to each other, which is not good. This leads to quarreling, which might end up in fighting with one another and both of then getting injured. Therefore, unless we reconcile and restore that good relationship that once existed, for everything to become normal again 


The two conditions that are necessary to being reconciliation are:

The first condition is to feel really sorry and repentance  :Sorry or repentance for our bad behaviour ,which had brought about the good relationship being broken and to promises ourselves that we will not misbehaved like and again. Therefore the first condition for reconciliation is sorry and repentance. 

The second condition is forgiveness: We go to the person we have wrong and ask for his or her forgiveness .We ask the fellow to pardon our misconduct because we have realized that we are at fault and that we will never do such a thing again and if the person you wronged forgive you and this leads to good relationship and will be restore back between two party.



In the parable of the prodigal Son ,there were two brother living with their father .They younger brother was very greedy .He was never contented with what his father gave him .One day ,he went to his father and asked for his share of the family property that would come to him after his father died. The father became offended at the greedy behaviour of his younger son.

The younger brother collected his share of the property and went to a distant country .There; he made many friends who helped him spend all his money on useless things.

In a short time, all his money got finished and his friends deserted him. He began to beg for food from people, but no one gave him food to eat .He was employed to take care of pigs .His pay was so small ,that he would have liked to eat the food of the pigs .He was really starved.

After he had suffered for some time, he realized that he had mad a mistake .He should not have asked for his share of the family property when his father was not yet dead. He became good sorry and regretted his action. He made up his mind to be a good boy again .He repented .Therefore; he decided to go to his father to ask for forgiveness.

When he came close to his family house, his father saw him ‘firs and he ran to meet the prodigal Son, and embraced him. He embraced his son because he had already forgiven him from the very bottom of his heart. The father did not even allow his son to apologize for his bad conduct. His coming home alone was enough proof that he had repented .Therefore; he had been forgiven and reconciled with his father. His father organized a welcoming party for his lost “son and invited many people to come and celebrate with him.


There are many ways of reconciling with those who have offended us. These ways are:

  1. Shaking  hands 
  2. Embracing 
  3. Saying; I am sorry.
  4. Gift giving 
  5. Forgive and forget


After Jacob cheating his brother Esau of his birthright and blessing .He was worried and not happy about what he had done to his brother. He felt really sorry for the evil he had done .He made up his mind to go to his brother and ask for his forgiveness. He decided to send present to Esau with the hop that the presents will make Esau forgive him. If Esau accepted the presents, then it means that he had forgiven Jacob.

Jacob set out with his family and servants, with lots of presents, to find Esau and to ask for his forgiveness .He prayed to God to help him reconcile with his brother .He sent his servant to trace Esau .When the servant found Esau, they told him about the intentions of his brother. Finally, the two brothers came face to face.

Immediately Jacob saves Esau, he bowed down to ground seven times. This he did till he came near his brother .In this way, Jacob humbled himself before his brother whom he had wronged .Esau did not wait for Jacob to come to him .He ran to meet his brother and embraced him .He fell on his neck and kissed him like an old friend. Both of  them started weeping .

Esau had already forgiven Jacob in his heart for the wrong he had done to him .He refused the gifts, which Jacob had brought to find favour with him .It was not necessary .But Jacob was not happy .He wanted Esau to accept the gifts as a sign that he was sorry and that he had been forgiven .Therefore, he told Esau that if he had truly forgiven him then he should accept his gifts.

Esau was moved by the pleas of his brother and accepted the gifts as a sign that true reconciliation had been brought about.

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