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  • Meaning of Trade
  • Home Trade
  • Foreign Trade
  • Entre-pot Trade



Meaning of Trade: trade is the buying and selling of goods and services. It can also be defined as the activities which cover exchange, buying and selling of goods and services


Branches of Trade 

Trade has three main branches which are as follows

  1. Home Trade: this is the act of exchanging, buying and selling of goods and services within a country. For an example: Mr. Ade in Lagos buys goods from Mr. Aminu in Kano . This is home trade because both the buyer {Mr. Ade} and the seller {Mr. Aminu} are Nigerians and they reside in Nigeria. In home trade only one currency e.g (naira in Nigeria) is in use. Home  trade is divided in two wholesale and retail trade 
  1. Wholesale Trade: involves buying in large quantities from the manufacturers and selling to the retailers. Those involved in wholesale trade are called wholesalers 
  2. Retail Trade: this involves buying in small quantities  from the wholesaler and selling in units to the final consumer. Those involved in retail trade are called retailers



  1. List the functions of wholesalers and retailers in the chain of distribution.
  2. What is home trade?


  1. FOREIGN TRADE: this is the exchange, buying and selling of goods and services between two countries. For example between Nigeria and Ghana. Foreign trade is also a trade between a citizen of one country and the citizen of another country. For example between Ade in Lagos, Nigeria and Kofi in Accra, Ghana. Buying in foreign trade requires the use of foreign currency.


  1. ENTER-POT TRADE: this is buying from one foreign country to sell to another foreign country. Eg. Mr. Ade in Nigeria buys from Kofi in Ghana in order to sell to Mr. Johnson in London.



    1. Define trade
    2. List and explain the three main branches of trade


Business Studies for J.S.S 1 by O.A Lawal and other pages 14-15



  1. Foreign trade requires the use of    a. bids    c. cowry shells    c. foreign currency    d. naira and kobo
  2. The main branches of trade are the following except    a. home trade    b. enter-pot trade   c. foreign trade    d. general trade
  3. Wholesale trade is a branch of    a. home trade    b. foreign trade    c. none of the above     
  4. A trade between Obi in Nigeria and Ojo in Nigeria is known as    a. foreign trade   b. home trade    c. friendly trade    d. Nigeria trade
  5. A trade between Nigeria and Togo is known as    a. neighbor trade    b. home trade    c. Africans trade    d. foreign trade



  1. List the three main branches of trade
  2. What is retail trade?



  1. Define occupation
  2. Give another name for occupation
  3. What is your father’s occupation?
  4. Why does your father engaged in an occupation?
  5. Among the classes of occupation, where does your father’s occupation fall?


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