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Healthy Feeding and Eating Practices (III)






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TOPIC: Healthy Feeding and Eating Practices (III)

  1. Food Contaminants 
  2. Harmful Substances That Should not Be Consumed
  3. Effects of Harmful Substances in the Body
  4. Meaning of Drug Abuse
  5. Effects of Drug Abuse in the Body


  1. Food Contaminants

food contaminant is a substance, object, or organism that makes food unfit for human consumption.

Food contaminants are any harmful substances unintentionally added to food, which may be chemicals from natural sources, environmental pollution, or formed during food processing.

The contamination of the food may have occurred by accident or on purpose.


  1. Harmful Substances That Should not Be Consumed

What Are Harmful Substances?

Harmful substances are elements that are dangerous to human health. They are water, fruits, food and drugs that are unfit for human consumption.


Examples of Harmful Substances

  1. Stale food – food that is spoilt, or stayed old
  2. Expired food and drugs – food and drugs that have stayed beyond appropriate time
  3. Impure water
  4. Unripe fruits
  5. Infested food
  6. Poorly cooked food or uncooked food
  7. Banned additives


  1. Effects of Harmful Substances in the Body
  2. It can lead to death.
  3. It leads to ill-health.
  4. It causes body weakness.
  5. It affects the growth of the child.


  1. Meaning of Drug Abuse

Drug abuse is the excessive use or continuous use of drugs without regard for accepted medical practice. When a drug is used to incite pleasure or escape reality, especially without the doctor's prescription, it is said to be abused.


  1. Effects of Drug Abuse in the Body

Drug abuse affects both the body and mind and can have the following damaging effects among many others:

  1. Drugs can lead to brain damage and death.
  2. They may cause accidents or drive the individual to suicide.
  3. Drug users endanger themselves and people around them.
  4. Drug users become irresponsible and useless to themselves and the society.
  5. Because drugs are expensive, drug abuse makes users poorer as their purses are drained.
  6. They reduce neuromuscular control or body coordination.
  7. They impair judgment.
  8. They cause over-dilation of the blood vessels which leads to high blood pressure.
  9. Users will commit any crime including murder to get money for the drugs.
  10. Drug abusers become unproductive and wastes away as they can no longer contribute to the economy of the country.
  11. Drug abuse causes young adults to lose interest in school, work, family, and friends 
  12. It causes teenage death or injury related to car accidents
  13. It causes hallucination (seeing or hearing things that are not there) and paranoia (feelings of panic, anxiety, and excessive fear)


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