Prevocational Studies - Primary 6 - Exams






Choose the appropriate option to answer the following questions

1.) ________ is the people, organizations and activities that make goods and services available for use by consumers. It transfers the ownership of goods from the point of production to the point of consumption.

a.) marketing channel b. marketing company c. global transmission  d. market support

2.) Trading organizations where various entrepreneurs or members of the co-operative pool their resources together with a view to making profits through marketing of agricultural produce is called

a.) trade fairs      b. cooperative societies        c. marketing headquarters    d.) insurance companies

3.) Agents who buy produce in large quantities from the farmers (producers)

and sell in small quantities to the retailers are called

a.) producers      b. consumers      c. wholesalers     d. trade unions

4.) The marketing/commodity boards are public corporations set up by the ___________ to handle the sales of agricultural produce.

a.) banks   b. farmers  c. producers        d. government

5.) All of these are importance of marketing channels in agriculture except

a.) Help business reach its intended target audience.

b.) create rifts and conflicts in the market network

c.) Help the brand build relationships with customers.

d.) Promote and sell the product or service on behalf of the farmer


6.) Antimicrobial agents that are applied to the surface of non-living objects to destroy microorganisms that are living on the objects is called

a.) abrasives       b. cohesion          c. collision           d. disinfectants

7.) Chlorine-bleach, dettol etc are good examples of ________

a.) abrasives       b. cohesion          c. collision           d. disinfectants

8.) All of these are uses of disinfectants except

a.) creating a fragrance and scents-filled atmosphere

b.) It helps to protect you from stubborn germs that are resistant to detergents.

c.) It can be used for cleaning of surfaces

d.) to kill the germs in the air that cause respiratory infections.

9.) One of these is a chemical used in making disinfectants

a.) benzene        b. citric acide       c. Chloroxylenol  d. ben-10


10.) How do we know if the Disinfectant is well formulated?

a.) it will turn red

b.) it will be foamy       

c.) it will become choking     

d.) it will form a milky emulsion of oil droplets

11.) An individual or entity directly engaged in the production of agricultural products, including crops (including farming); livestock (including ranching); forestry products etc is called

a.) wholesaler     b. retailer   c. producer d. consumer

12.) __________ is the coordinator of all the other factors of production

a.) land      b. capital    c. labour    d. entrepreneur

13.) Demand is from all of these except

a.) wholesaler     b. retailer   c. producer d. consumer

14.) What happens when there is a high demand and high production?

a.) low supply     b. low pricing       c. high supply     d. none of the above

15.) One of these is not a challenge of producers

a.) rapid population growth

b.) the expenditure of resources

c.) soil degradation

d.) increase in crop yield

16.) In the preparation of liquid soap, why do we avoid air bubbles?

a.) for smooth consistency    b. for fragrance   c. for effectiveness of the soap      d. to get a rougher texture

17.) ____________ is also known as the middlemen

a.) producers      b. retailers c. consumers      d. large networks

18.) One of these is not used in preparing petroleum jelly

a.) Paraffin oil

b.) Petroleum jelly

c.) Paraffin wax

d.) SLS


19.) __________ is added to the petroleum jelly mixture before allowing it to cool down

a.) Vitamin A       b. Vitamin C        c. Vitamin E         d. Vitamin K

20.) These are problems faced by middlemen except

a.) Inadequate funding for business operations

b.) Insufficient market information, absence of product and crop knowledge

c.) Limited use of technology and lack of use of modern business tools

d.) all of the above

21.) One of these is not an importance of middlemen

a.) They link producers with consumers

b.) They pass information from the consumers to the wholesalers

c.) They may give loans to producers

d.) They assemble, blend and re-pack certain goods

22.) _________ gives credits to some consumers.

a.) wholesalers   b. retailers c. producers        d. large sales networks

23.) These are importance of marketing/commodity boards except

a.) It helps to stabilize prices of farm produce

b.) The board sometimes provides capital to farmers

c.) It advises and encourages farmers to adopt modern farming techniques

d.) They reduce the inequality of income distribution by selling to members at reduced rate

24.) These are importance of cooperative societies except

a.) They stimulate competition in produce marketing by buying produce in bulk

b.) They have close contact with producers.

c.) They help to stabilize prices of farm produce

d.) They provide storage facilities

25.) A _________ is when a ligament, which connects parts of a joint, is stretched, twisted or torn

a.) bruise             b. cuts        c. burns     d. sprains

26.) Any ________ means that there will be some blood,

a.) dislocation     b. cuts        c. burns     d. sprains

27.) Hot drinks cause most __________

a.) bruise             b. cuts        c. burns     d. sprains

28.) Broken glasses can cause serious __________

a.) dislocation     b. cuts        c. burns     d. sprains

29.) All of these are ways we can prevent home accidents except

a.) Move furniture and items out of high-traffic areas in your home so you don't accidentally trip over them.

b.) If you spill something, clean it up right away so you don't slip.

c.) Keep your home well-lit so you don't trip on something in the dark

d.) all of the above

30.) _________ could occur when a little child falls into a swimming pool

a.) bruises b. cuts        c. drowning          d. burns



In this section, answer any three questions of your choice

1a.) Define farm records

  b.) Mention and explain four examples of farm records

2a.) State five importance of farm records

  b.) State five ways we can prevent home accidents

3a.) List five types of home accidents

  b.) Discuss five importance of individual/private middlemen

4.) List the materials used for making petroleum jelly and describe a step-by-step procedure of how to make it

5.) List the materials used for making liquid soap and describe a step-by-step procedure of how to make it

6a.) State five importance of producers in the agricultural marketing channel

  b.) State three uses of disinfectants

  c.) Highlight two importance of agricultural marketing channels