National Values Education - Primary 6 - Exams






Choose the appropriate option to answer the following questions

1.) All of these are examples of substances that are abused except

a.) marijuana      b. cocaine  c. Indian hemp    d. Panadol

2.) One of these is not an effect of cocaine

a.) stroke   b. convulsions     c. weight gain      d. weight loss

3.) _________ is not an effect of heroin

a.) panic    b. restore health c. respiratory infection d. lack of appetite

4.) _________ is an example of a sedative drug

a.) mandrax        b. alagesics        c. ointments        d. stimulants

5.) National ________ is the ability to accept other people from different ethnic groups as one, irrespective of religion, status, culture and geographical location.

a.) consciousness        b. unity       c. tolerance         d. equity

6.) One of these is not an importance of national unity

a.) It brings about safety in a nation

b.) It encourages people to share ideas, values and emotional bonds

c.) It helps government of the Nation to understand the people’s need and choices

d.) all of the above

7.) All of these are factors that cause drug abuse behaviour except

a.) Pleasurable effects of drugs

b.) Unpleasant effects on withdrawal

c.) Inability to control peer pressure

d.) absence of the drug in the environment

8.) All of these are the characteristics of a united society except

a.) There must be leaders either political will

b.) There must be peace and stability

c.) The people must be law abiding citizens.

d.) There is no social cohesion and cooperation

9.) All of these are registered and approved sources of approved drugs except

a.) Pharmaceutical companies

b.) Hospitals

c.) Clinics

d.) beer parlors

10.) ___________ is an illegal production, distribution and sales of illegal drugs.

a.) drug use                  b. drug trafficking          c. drug misuse    d. patent vendors

11.) One of these is not a reason for trafficking drugs

a.) Corruption

b.) High demand

c.) Indiscipline

d.) literacy

12.) All of these are dangers of drug trafficking except

a.) Bad image for the country

b.) Imprisonment

c.) Death penalty in some cases’

d.) feeling joy and excitement

13.) An institution that promotes national unity is

a.) red cross society    b. central bank of Nigeria      c. private schools         d.) Cadbury Nigeria Limited

14.) To hit or strike someone violently or the act of beating a person to the point of fainting is called

a.) stealing b. cheating c. battery   d. perjury

15.) ___________ is the making of illegal payment to persons in an official position.

a.) stealing b. cheating c. property crimes        d. bribery

16.) Drunkenness is an example of a ___________ crime

a.) consensual    b. property c. perjury   d. assault

17.) Burglary theft, motor vehicle theft etc are examples of __________     

a.) stealing b. cheating c. property crimes        d. bribery

18.) Crimes that involve killing a person, rape and sexual assault is called _________ crime

a.) property b. consensual     d. violent    d. bribery

19.) All of these are sources of help for drug abusers except

a.) Teachers

b.) Older Relations

c.) Social centres

d.) fellow drug abusers

20.) ___________ is an illegal activity or action which an individual commits in any society

a.) security b. crime      c. safety     d. cooperation

21.) A criminal activity of pretending to be another person for the purpose of entertainment or fraud is called

a.) bribery  b. corruption       c. battery   d. impersonation

 22.) One of these is not a drug controlling agency

a.) NAFDAC       b. NDLEA  c. Federal Ministry of Health d. Family Support Programmes (FSP)

23.) All of these are factors that hinder National unity except

a.) Manipulation of sectional, religious and ethnic sentiments and sensibilities of Nigerians by the political class

b.) Fading memory of the tragedy of secession and war: Lost lessons of history.

c.) The slow death of the nationalistic and patriotic spirit in the hearts and minds of Nigerians, evidenced with the perennial indifferent to Oct 1st Independence Day celebration

d.) The rise of a new unconcerned and unbothered generation

24.) A legal term meaning that a food product fails to meet the legal standards is called

a.) proliferation   b. adulteration     c. perjury   d. corruption

25.) The physical changes of the increase in size, height and weight of a person is called

a.) growth  b. development   c. demotion         d. promotion

26.) ________ is how children gain control over their physical actions to do complicated and difficult activities more skillfully and easily.

a.) growth  b. development   c. demotion         d. promotion

27.) One of these is not an obstacle to the physical growth and development of children

a.) Lack Of Sleep

b.) Lack of Exercise

c.) Diseases

d.) balanced and healthy meals

28.) Officially, Corruption is a felony punishable by ­_________ year(s) jail term

a.) 1 b. 2   c. 4   d. 7

29.) The unlawful extraction of money or property through intimidation is called

a.) intimidation    b. corruption       c. extortion d. prostitution

30.) __________ is theft or misappropriation of funds placed in one’s trust or belonging to one’s employer.

a.) bribery  b. adultery c. embezzlement d. extortion



In this section, answer any three questions of your choice

1a.) Discuss two solutions to the factors that hinder National Unity

  b.) Define crime

  c.) Explain

          i.) False pretense

          ii.) Fraud

2a.) Describe the following stating the punishment for each

          i.) Advance fee fraud

          ii.) Burglary

  b.) Explain Economic crime

  c.) Give two examples of Economic crime

3a.) Discuss three solutions to obstacles to Youth Physical Development

  b.) Explain physical development

4a.) Define “Life-saving skills”

  b.) State three health promotional behaviours conducive to physical, mental and social well being

5a.) Highlight three factors that promote National Unity

  b.) Give four reasons for trafficking drugs

6a.) Differentiate between normal use of drugs and excessive use of drugs

  b.) Highlight three things that constitute National Unity