History - Primary 6 - Exams


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Choose the appropriate option to answer the below questions

1. An Industry is a building where __________ of a type of material for trade is produced
a. manufacturing b. destabilizing c. extraction d. deregulation
2. A work place where processes involved in collecting raw materials and making them into new products are carried out is called
a. school b. market c. industry d. desert
3. The basic raw material used by the fruit juice industry is ___________
a. iron b. steel c. flour d. fruits
4. In the _________ industry, their raw material is timber
a. iron and steel b. flour c. paper d. brick
5. One of the materials used in the soap making industry is _________
a. iron b. timber c. palm oil d. animal skin
6. All of these industries contribute to the wealth base of a country except
a. Agricultural Industry
b. Construction industry
c. Industrial goods
d. cyber crimes industry
7. Oil was discovered in Nigeria in ________
a. 1956 b. 1960 c. 1963 d. 1982
8. One of the major export products in Nigeria is
a. strawberry b. pawpaw c. kiwi d. cocoa
9. In eastern Nigeria, their major agricultural produce was
a. cocoa b. palm oil c. cotton d. groundnut
10. In _______ Nigeria, their major produce was Cocoa beans
a. Eastern b. western c. southern d. Northern
11. The Northern Nigeria Produced __________
a. cocoa b. palm oil c. cotton d. none of the above
12. _________ and 13. ___________ are products of the mining industry in Nigeria
a. cotton, sesame b. iron ore, salt c. bricks, cable d. torch, metals
14. Nigeria has a large deposit of _________ which is useful in the production of cement
a. limestone b. palm oil c. coal d. tartar
15. The small scale industries are estimated to have a monetary capacity of up to
a. 15 million naira b. 50 million naira c. 500 million naira d. 1 billion naira
Products of small scale industries include 16. ________ and 17. _________
a. Tooth pick b. varieties of grocery items b. napkin d. beers
18. The medium scale industries are estimated to have a monetary capacity of up to
a. 15 million naira b. 50 million naira c. 500 million naira d. 1 billion naira
19. A very good example of a medium-scale industry is
a. The Nigerian breweries b. Shoprite shopping mall c. Mama Nkechi restaurant d. 7Up bottling company
20. Which of the following requires the largest capital and huge infrastructure for effective running?
a. small-scale industries b. medium-scale industries c. large-scale industries

Answer any two questions of your choice in this section
1a. Give five examples of industries in Nigeria
b. State five examples of the Nigerian agricultural exports
2a. Why did Nigeria suddenly reduced its exportation of agricultural products since 1956?
b. How has it affected the economy?
3a. Write a short note on the mining industry
b. Discuss the large deposits in Nigeria and how it is being commercialized
4a. State two importance each of
i. small-scale industries
ii. medium-scale industries
b. Give two examples of large-scale industries in Nigeria