Christian Religious Studies - Primary 6 - Exams




CLASS: PRIMARY 6                                                   SUBJECT: CRK


Choose the appropriate option to answer the following questions

1.) _________ occurs when there is a violent rainfall that can cause harm

a.) storm    b. iceberg  c. earthquake      d. volcanic eruption

2.) What was Jesus doing in the boat while the storm was raging?

a.) He was afraid as well       b. He was studying his bible c. He was sleeping      d. He was running helter skelter

3.) Who woke Jesus up?

a.) angels  b. the Holy Spirit c. the disciples    d. He woke up by himself

4.) What was Jesus’ reaction to the storm?

a.) He ignored it and went back to sleep b. He spoke to it and it was calm   c.) He jumped into it       d. He sent his angels to go and handle it

5.) __________ toiled all night but was unable to catch any fish

a.) Judas   b. Paul       c. Simon Peter    d. Matthew

6.) Jesus requested Peter to allow Him use his _________ to preach to the people

a.) net                  b. sling       c. hook       d. boat

7.) When Jesus was done preaching, what did He do?

a.) He thanked Peter    b. He blessed Peter     c. He asked Peter to cast his net into the river      d. He left Peter

8.) On what side of the boat did Jesus ask Peter to cast the net?

a.) center   b. left          c. right        d. top

9.) __________ is a restoration of the condition of a body to its original state away from pains

a.) healing b. deliverance     c. salvation          d. immersion

10.) Jesus visited the house of ___________ and saw that his mother-in-law was sick

a.) James  b. John      c. Peter      d. Judas

11.) The mother-in-law had __________

a.) fever     b. palsy      c. glaucoma        d. arthritis

12.) Jesus was _______________ so he healed her

a.) unperturbed   b. unbothered     c. moved with compassion    d. angry

13.) How did the mother-in-law healed from fever show her gratitude to Jesus?

a.) she sowed a seed  b. she served Him and His disciples food         c. she ran away          d. she did nothing

14.) The end of everyone on earth is _________

a.) life                  b. purgatory        c. death     d. deliverance

15.) ________ and _______ were the sisters to Lazarus

a.)  Mary and Salome  b. Martha, Monique      c. Mary, Esther   d. Martha and Mary

16.) Lazarus was a/an _________ of Jesus

a.) enemy  b. friend     c. persecutor       d. companion

17.) For how long was Lazarus dead?

a.) 1 day    b. 4 days    c. 7 days    d. 14 days

18.) Lazarus was buried in a ___________

a.) river      b. hill          c. mountain         d. tomb

19.) When Jesus went to where Lazarus was buried, he _________

a.) laughed    b. wept    c. smiled    d. knelt down

20.) _________ people are those who do bad things and do not have the Spirit of Christ in them

a.) good     b. kind        c. nice        d. evil

21.) All of these are ways to identify bad friends except

a.) they frown and are unhappy when you make a lot of progress       

b.) they talk badly about you behind your back

c.) they will let people know about your secret

d.) they are supportive and have no bad intention against you

22.) What was Matthew’s profession when Jesus met him?

a.) a fisherman   b. a tentmaker     c. a carpenter     d. a tax collector

23.) In those days, People in Matthew’s profession had a ___________ reputation

a.) good     b. kind        c. bad         d. amazing

24.) What was Jesus reaction to Matthew?

a.) He insulted him       b. He condemned him to death      c. He commanded him to follow Him  d. He joined others to look down on Him

25.) All of these are ways we can correct and change a bad person except

a.) by preaching to him/her

b.) by flogging him/her

c.) by sending them to correctional facilities

d.) All of the above

26.) _________ are rules that keep the society in a good working condition

a.) laws      b. traditions         c. culture    d. lifestyle

27.) When people violate the law, they are

a.) pardoned       b. punished         c. left unharmed d. honoured

28.) How many commandments were given to us by God through Moses?

a.) 5            b. 10           c. 15           d. 20

29.) Who had the encounter of God through a burning bush?

a.) Samuel b. Nathan  c. Moses    d. Elisha

30.) Jacob had an encounter with God by __________

a.) burning bush b. physical appearance of God himself   c. angels physically and in a dream     d. by consuming fire in a battle against false prophets



In this section, answer any three questions of your choice

1a.) Narrate the story of the call of Samuel

  b.) Write two moral lessons from the story

2a.) Describe four ways how God can reveal Himself to us

  b.) What is the purpose of God’s revelation of Himself to us?

 3.) State the Ten Commandments

4a.) Define “Law”

  b.) Discuss the purpose of laws

  c.) Highlight three ways we can identify bad people in the society

5a.) Narrate a story that depicts that Jesus has power over natural forces

  b.) Write two moral lessons from the story