Basic Science and Technology - Primary 6 - Exams







Choose the appropriate option to answer the following questions

1.) ________ is any of several devices with few or no moving parts that are used to modify motion and the magnitude of a force in order to perform work.

a.) simple machine      b. computer         c. structure          d. topography

2.) A rigid bar pivoted about a fulcrum, used to transfer a force to a load and usually to provide a mechanical advantage is called _______

a.) lever     b. pulley     c. trawler    d. catchy

3.) _______ levers are referred to as those which are found to have the fulcrum between the force and the load.

 a.) first-class      b. second-class  c. third-class       d. higher-class

4.) All of these are examples of first-class levers except

a.) Crowbar         b. Claw hammer c. See-saw d. pliers

5.) In the _________ levers, the force is found to be present within the load and the fulcrum.

a.) first-class       b. second-class  c. third-class       d. higher-class

6.) __________ claws are referred to as the common levers which are responsible for helping you in removing the nails which are embedded in wood or other hard surfaces.

a.) hammer b. crowbar c. pliers      d. control

7.) ___________  is found to be responsible for using the force in order to cut or separate any of the required material.

a.) hammer b. excavator        c. elevator d. scissors

8.) We have _________ classes of nutrients

a.) four       b. five         c. six          d. seven

9.) All of these are characteristics of a nutritionally deficient person except

a.) weakness and tiredness

b.) constant sicknesses and diseases

c.) abnormal brain function

d.) strong bones and teeth

10.) Computer is used in business organizations for all these except

a.) payroll calculations b. processing large volumes of data        c. sales analysis d. play football games

11.) What is the full meaning of CBE?

a.) Computer Based Enterprises

b.) Computer Based Engineering

c.) Computer Based Education

d.) Computer Biometric Evaluation

12.)   _________ reduces seriously the ability of each member of the household to access sufficient nutrients.

a.) small family size      b. large family size       c. medium family size  d. fat family size

13.) All of these are uses of computer in healthcare except

a.) Lab-diagnostic System b. Patient Monitoring System c. Pharma Information System d. missile control

14.) ________  is a mechanical device which contains a wheel and rope/belt/chain to lift the heavy objects.

a.) lever     b. pulley     c. trawler    d. robots

15.) A simple machine that uses a wheel with a groove in it and a rope that fits into the groove is called _________

a.) fixed pulley    b. movable pulley         c. fixed lever       d. fixed trawler

16.) All of these are examples of movable pulley except

a.) flagpole b. cranes   c. elevators          d. weight lifting machines

17.) A collective term for websites and applications that focus on communication, community-based input, interaction, content-sharing and collaboration is _________

a.) germs   b. gems     c. social media    d. facebooking

18.) _________ is a good example of a video viewing/sharing platform

a.) pinterest                  b. YouTube         c. twitter     d.  ghost busters

19.) A simple machine consisting of a sloping surface, used for raising heavy bodies is called _______

a.) levers   b. pulley     c. inclined places d. goosey

20.) All of these are examples of inclined planes except

a.) Garbage Dumping b. Pyramids        c. Stairs and Ramps    d. staircase

21.) ________ is the modern scientific application of selected jujutsu techniques that may be practiced for self-development, physical education and sport

a.) kung-fu b. Judo      c. Taekwando     d. Jackie Chan

22.) The throwing technique in Judo is called _________

a.) Nage waza     b. Katame waza c. Ate waza         d. Buzu waza

23.) All of these are rules in Judo except

a.) using it to bully other people

b.) One cannot punch or kick his opponent.

c.) You cannot touch the opponent's face.

d.) Attacking the joints other than elbows is not allowed.

24.) _________ is defined as the push or pull on an object with mass that causes it to change its velocity.

a.) pulley    b. levers     c. inclined plane d. force

25.) All of these are types of force except

a.) gravitational force   b. magnetic force          c. electric force   d. motivational force

26.) The computer _________ ensures the continuous running of the computer system’s processes and distributes reports and back up data and other files regularly.
 a.) analysts                  b. designers        c. operator          d. engineer

27.) A person who writes, updates and manages the website is called

a.) system analysts      b. data programmers   c. web engineer  d. software professional

28.) ___________ force finds application when matchsticks are lighted

a.) gravitational   b. magnetic         c. frictional          d. electric

29.)  _________ force resists motion

a.) gravitational   b. magnetic         c. frictional          d. electric

30.) The movement of the body in the water using the arms and legs to stay afloat is called

a.) gymnastics    b. exploration      c. centrifugation  d. swimming 




In this section, answer any three questions of your choice

1a.) Enumerate three basic skills in swimming

  b.) Highlight four benefits of water projects in Nigeria

  c.) State three hazards of water projects

2a.) Define “Pathogen”

  b.) Give four examples of pathogens

  c.) Give four examples of common diseases in our locality

3a.) Differentiate between communicable and non-communicable diseases

  b.) List three examples each of

          i.) communicable diseases

          ii.) non-communicable disease

 4a.) Explain the meaning of symptom

  b.) Mention four signs and symptoms of diseases

  c.)  Highlight three preventive measures against diseases

5a.) Discuss these issues and challenges in PHE

          i.) gambling

          ii.) Drug abuse

  b.) What are two ways through which drugs can be taken into the body?

  c.) Give two reasons why people may drink or smoke

6a.) Define “Alcohol”

  b.) State two effects of alcohol

  c.) Outline three advantages of friction

  d.) State two disadvantages of friction