Prevocational Studies - Primary 6 - Exams






Choose the appropriate option to answer the following questions

1.) Food that has its entire surface covered in order to prevent direct contact of the food with the environment, either by permeable or impermeable wrapping is called _________

a.) sachet food   b. packaged food          c. processed food        d. preserved food

2.) _________ is the simplest type of seam and can be used on almost any item.

a.) French seam b. plain seam      c. flat-felled seam         d. lapped seam

3.) All of these are reasons why food is packaged except

a.) Protects the Food from Contamination

b.) Improves the Shelf Life of the Product

c.) Exposes Food to Physical Damage

d.) Maintains the Freshness of the Food Items

4.) __________ is the joining of two pieces (as of cloth or leather) by sewing usually near the edge.

a.) stitches b. seams   c. spices    d. crocheting

5.) __________ packaging is the packaging in direct contact with the product itself and is sometimes referred to as a consumer unit

a.) primary b. secondary       c. intermediate    d. tertiary

6.) Cardboard cartons, cardboard boxes, cardboard/plastic crates, trays, paperboard cartons, etc. are examples of ___________ packaging

a.) primary b. secondary       c. intermediate    d. tertiary

7.) Another name for __________ packaging is bulk/transit packaging

a.) primary b. secondary       c. intermediate    d. tertiary

8.) Rigid Plastic Packaging is a type of packaging is made from __________

a.) MET      b. PET       c. DET       d. VET

9.) Which of the following helps to deodorize the toilet and make it cleaner?

a.) soda     b. caustic soda   c. frying soda      d. baking soda

10.) Curtains and rugs should be washed __________

a.) daily      b. weekly   c. twice daily       d. every five hours

11.) All of these are factors that may affect the packaging of goods except

a.) The Nature of the Produce

b.) Bulkiness or Size of the Produce

c.) Live, Frozen, or Dry Stock

d.) occupation of the farmer


12.) If you notice a ring building up in the toilet bowl, what should be done?

a.) ignore it

b.) wait till weekend

c.) spray deodorant on it

d.) wash it immediately


13.) __________ can be used to sanitize the toilet and bathroom, removing germs

a.) detergents     b. mop stick         c. hoover brush  d. disinfectants


14.) The part of the home where all the cooking takes place is called ___________

a.) Toilet    b. Kitchen  c. Bedroom d. garage

15.) _________ is a good example of a laundry equipment

a.) detergents     b. washing machine     c. deep freezer   d. microwave oven

16.) __________ refers to activities a company undertakes to promote the buying or selling of a product or service.

a.) preservation  b. processing      c. branding d. marketing

17.) A _________ is defined as the sum total of all the buyers and sellers in the area or region under consideration

a.) Market  b. farm       c. school    d. bank

18.) All of these are reasons for marketing agricultural produce except

a.) it brings about better income for the farmers

b.) it expands the market for products by bringing them to outlying areas both inside and outside the country, i.e., locations far from the point of production.

c.) it promotes the expansion of agro-based companies while also stimulating the economy’s general development

d.) all of the above

19.) The main function of the _________ to store, prepare and cook food (and to complete related tasks such as dishwashing).

a.) Toilet    b. Kitchen  c. Bedroom d. garage

20.) In a __________, firewood, charcoal and other local materials are used

a.) local toilet       b. local kitchen    c. modern kitchen        d. modern toilet

21.) Dishwashers, sinks, microwave ovens, gas cookers etc are some of the features of a ______________

a.) local toilet       b. local kitchen    c. modern kitchen        d. modern toilet

22.) All of these are types of kitchen layout except

a.) The L-Shaped Kitchen.  

b.) The U-Shaped Kitchen.

c.) The W-shaped Kitchen

d.) The Island Kitchen.

23.) __________ involves separating the commodities into different sizes, varieties, tastes, quality, colour etc.

a.) grading b. assembling     c. processing      d. transportation

24.) The act of keeping or holding large supplies of produce from the period of production until when needed by the consumers is called

a.) grading b. storage  c. branding d. transportation

25.) Conversion of wheat to flour is a good example of __________

a.) grading b. assembling     c. processing      d. transportation

26.) All of these are areas in the kitchen except

a.) Food preparation area

b.) sleeping area

c.) Cleaning and washing area

d.) Service area

27.) One of these is a reason for maintaining kitchen hygiene

a.) Prevent Food borne Illness, germs and household pests

b.) show off to friends on how luxurious our kitchen is

c.) as a status symbol

d.) as a means of pride

28.) Common accidents in the kitchen include

a.) Cutting your hand when slicing  

b.) Slipping in spilled liquids.  

c.) Skin contact spicy foods and heat

d.) all of the above

29.) What happens when we pour water on hot oil?

a.) nothing b. it makes a little sound and quiets down        c. the oil splashes all over          d. the oil turns into water

30.) All of these are lumber-yielding trees except

a.) Spruce b. pines      c. fir  d. cherries




In this section, answer any three questions of your choice

1a.) Explain

          i.) Primary or local markets

          ii.) Secondary markets

          iii.) Terminal markets

  b.) Define first aid

2a.) Mention and explain the uses of five contents of the first aid box

  b.) How do you administer treatment on a person who has a cut?

3a.) Give five examples of agricultural products that could be sold in the market

  b.) State two common examples of accidents in the kitchen

  c.) Enumerate three ways we can prevent accidents in the kitchen

4a.) Explain

          i.) assembling

          ii.) grading

          iii.) transportation

  b.) Outline two key areas in the kitchen

5a.) List three kitchen types

  b.) Give three reasons for marketing agricultural produce

  c.) Give examples of agents and tools used for cleaning the home

6a.) State in details(step-by-step), how to clean the living room

          i.) daily

          ii.) weekly

  b.) State two importance of packaging processed food