National Values Education - Primary 6 - Exams






Choose the appropriate option to answer the following questions

1.) The generally acceptable standard of beliefs about what is good in our society or Nation is called _________

a.) national values       b. national commons   c. national tutors d. national orientation

2.) One of these is not an example of a good value

a.) honesty b. gender discrimination        c. obedience       d. fairness

3.) Wealth found in a country is called

a.) resources      b. exchange        c. wages    d. salaries

4.) All of these are importance of national resources except

a.) Social Development

b.) Getting Foreign Exchange

c.) Employment Opportunities

d.) personal enrichment

5.) __________ is the best use of Natural resources

a.) embezzlement        b. optimization    c. marginalization         d. personal satisfaction

6.) All of these are dangers of over utilization of natural resources except

a.) Overpopulation

b.) Low foreign earnings

c.) Infrastructural breakdown

d.) optimization

7.) One of these is not a problem of under-utilization of resources

a.) Dependency on foreign goods

b.) Unemployment

c.) Underdevelopment

d.) infrastructure development

8.) __________ management is the process of managing the existing safety of lives and properties at all time.

a.) time       b. sensual  c. social     d. security

9.) __________ is not an example of security management

a.) Quality Security Personnel

b.) Threat assessment

c.) Security Register

d.) not checking guests properly before they gain entry

10.) All the people in the country who are of the right age to work are called the

a.) first class       b. lazy class        c. labour force     d. super powers force

11.) The _________ is required in schools, banks, farms etc

a.) first class       b. lazy class        c. labour force     d. super powers force

12.) We can train a healthy labour force in all these ways except

a.) Education on healthy living, e.g proper feeding, etc.

b.) Adult educative programs on Sexually Transmitted Diseases

c.) Use of health extension workers

d.) leaving it to the worker’s discretion

13.) The full meaning of CCTV is

a.) Carbon Cathode Television

b.) Cadbury Celestial Television

c.) Closed Circuit Television

d.) Ceremonial centred Television

14.) The movement of people and goods from one place to another by land, water or air is called

a.) communication       b. security  c. desertification d. transportation

15.) In Nigeria, all of these are examples of water means of transportation except

a.) canoes b. jets         c. boats      d. ships

16.) All of these are problems of water transportation except

a.) Few seaports and ships

b.) Poor maintenance of ships

c.) Bad weather

 d.) untrained pilots and cabin crew

17.) __________ transportation is the most expensive means of transportation

a.) water    b. land        c. sea         d. air

18.) The __________ transportation is the most suitable for heavy-duty machines and cargos

a.) water    b. land        c. sea         d. air

19.) _________ is the process whereby groups of people work together for common goals

a.) equity   b. cooperation     c. fairness  d. integrity

20.) All of these are importance of security management except

a.) It protects the people

b.) It protects information

c.) it protects the valuables and assets

d.) It exposes us to unprecedented risks

21.) All of these are the merits of cooperation except

a.) Helping each other in times of need

b.) Willingness to assist

c.) Taking responsibilities.

d.) a successful criminal hit on unsuspecting victims

22.) The unequal treatment in which girls and women are treated less than man because of their sex is called ________

a.) gender equality       b. polygamist      c. gender discrimination        d. terrorism and insurgency

23.) Which of these is an area women and girls may be treated unequally?

a.) women meetings    b. women-led organizations  c. politics   d. girls guide

24.) All of these are ways of handling/reducing gender discrimination except

a.) Equal opportunity for men and women

b.) Respect for the fundamental human rights of women

c.) Abolition of culture which are inimical to women, etc.

d.) giving men special pays and higher salaries than women even when they’re carrying out the same tasks

25.) The willingness to tolerate or accept people’s behavior, beliefs, opinions or practices that is different from your own is called

a.) discrimination b. tolerance         c. fairness  d. loyalty

26.) All of these are characteristics of tolerance except

a.) Respect for each other

b.) Behaviour and ways of doing things

c.) Forgiveness

d.) disobedience

27.) Conflicts is the _________ among a group or groups of people over any matter

a.) disagreement b. disenfranchisement c. disagreement  d. cooperation

28.) One of these is not a reason for group conflicts

a.) Lack of unity among members of a religion

b.) Ignorance of the customs of other people

c.) Level of education

d.) respect for other people’s views and opinions

29.) A decision to let go or give up grudges, bitterness, and anger in one’s heart against someone who offend you is called

a.) loyalty   b. integrity  c. forgiveness     d. haulage

30.) One of these is not an attribute of forgiveness

a.) it has a time limit

b.) To forgive is to compensate for the offenses of those who offend us by sacrificing our own life in order to bring healing and redemption to those who offend us

c.) Forgiveness has no time limit

d.) Forgiveness is sacrifice and love



In this section, answer any three questions of your choice

1a.) State two differences between security and safety

  b.) Define international organizations

  c.) Give four examples of international organizations

2a.) Explain self-control

  b.) Enumerate two characteristics of self-control

  c.) Describe three ways to manage risks

3a.) Define “Peace Education”

  b.) State three importance of cooperation

  c.) What is Moderation?

  d.) Why should we live in moderation?

4a.) Explain Threat

  b.) State two types of security threats

  c.) Define drug abuse

  d.) Give three examples of drugs commonly abused

5a.) Explain compassion

  b.) Highlight three characteristics of compassion

  c.) Discuss three ways to combat security threats

6a.) Explain. Give an example of each

          i.) Naturally occurring drugs

          ii.) Synthetic drugs

  b.) Discuss three solutions to the problems of drug abuse