Cultural and Creative Arts - Primary 6 - Exams


Name: ________________________________________________________________
Choose the appropriate option to answer the below questions.

1. _________ may be defined as composition, presentation and performance of play
a. theatre b. drama c. story d. cast
2. _________ always have more longer appearance on stage with longer speeches.
a. major characters b. minor characters c. flowing characters d. stage
3. Plan or outline of events of a drama is referred to as _________
a. fun b. plot c. script d. characters
4. A man who act on the stage, drama or play is known as _________
a. bachelor b. actor c. gentleman d. crew
5. A structure or platform on which the play or drama is performed is known as _________
a. after b. stage c. set d. stadium
6. The clothes worn on stage to achieve the theatre presentation is known as ________
a. local apparel b. costumes c. make-up d.set
7. Woman who act on stage, drama or play is known as __________
a. spinster b. ladies c. actress d. stage
8. The surroundings which a person, animal or plant lives is _________
a. Place b. environment c. estate d. upstate
9. Piano and guitar belong to __________
a. chordophone b. aerophone c. telephone d. no phone
10. Colour is present in _____________
a. light b. air c. Life d. us
11. The drum belongs to the family of _________
a. idiophone b. membranophones c. chordophones d. aerophones
12. _________ is a diagram made with pen, pencil or crayon rather than paint
a. painting b. drawing c. drama d. colour
13. The recorder belongs to the family of __________
a. aerophones b. chordophones c. idiophones d. membranophones
14. Bell and gong to the __________ family
a. chordophones b. membranophones c. idiophones d. aerophones
15. _________ is an art form in which series of events is acted out by a group of performers
a. position b. colour c. theatre d. power
16. Life drawing is the drawing of _________
a. nature b. living things c. inanimate things d. landscape
17. Flowing air is the main source of vibration is _________
a. membranophones b. aerophones c. aeroplane d. weather
18. __________ is a local instrument
a. serene b. none c. tube d. gong
19. Music is the combination of _______ in a way that is pleasant to the ear
a. noise b. sound c. silence d. saline
20. Singing alone without playing musical instrument is called __________
a. rhythm b. noise c. acapella d. whistling
21. When music follows a beat pattern, it is called _________
a. pleasant b. rhythm c. organized d. none
22. An unorganized sound is called __________
a. noise b. sound c. silence d. saline
23. Group of actors in a play are called _________
a. cast b. producer c. director d. actresses
24. All of these are examples of foreign musical instruments except
a. gong b. piano c. drums d. saxophones
25. One of these is an example of an electrophone
a. drums b. flute c. trumpet d. electric guitar
26. A musical performance by three persons or musical instrument is called ___________
a. unison b. duet c. trio d. quartet
27. _______ is a male singer with the lowest voice
a. soprano b. bass c. rhythm d. quartet
28. A time signature divided into three parts is called ________ rhythm
a. simple b. complex c. compound d. complicated
29. Who sponsors the drama?
a. producer b. director c. actors d. editor
30. _________ is the space set aside for a show/drama
a. crew b. audience c. stage d. script

Answer only three(3) questions
1a. Describe the following
i. producer
ii. stage
iii. audience
iv. costume
b. What is singing?

2a. Define the term “Drawing”
b. List three(3) things we can find in our environment
c. What is environment?
d. What is sound?

3a. List two(2) differences between noise and music
b. Enumerate four(4) sources of musical sound
c. What does ACAPELLA mean?

4a. Discuss three(3) ways we can care for our environment
b. What are Local musical instruments?
c. List four(4) examples of foreign musical instruments

5a. What is dance?
b. ______, ________ and __________ are the components of dance
c. What is rhythm?
d. Define the term “Choir”