Christian Religious Studies - Primary 6 - Exams




CLASS: PRIMARY 6                                                   SUBJECT: CRK


Choose the appropriate option to answer the following questions

1.) __________ is the way of doing things within reasonable limits

a.) inspiration      b. help        c. moderation      d. destiny

2.) There should be ________ is all what a Christian does

a.) excesses       b. sufficiency       c. moderation      d. destiny

3.) When we do things in an abnormal way, it is called __________

a.) indulgence     b. over-indulgence       c. inspiration       d. motivation

4.) ________ is an example of a bad behaviour

a.) excess drinking       b. faithfulness     c. responsible Christian life   d. fruitfulness

5.) All of these are consequences of an excessive way of life except

a.) long life b. sickness c. loneliness        d. untimely death

6.) _________ is what we exchange for goods and services

a.) boots    b. money   c. stones             d. sticks

7.) When there is an abundance of money and material possession, it is called _________

a.) wisdom b. wealth    c. excellence       d. poverty

8.) One of the good uses of money is __________

a.) to serve God  b. to womanize   c. to impress and intimidate others d. to make us violent

9.) Money can be good or bad depending on

 a.) how much it is        b. the character of the person who has it c. the currency of the country      d. the economic state of the country

10.) We are encouraged as Christians to

a.) love God more than money       b. love God and hate money c. love money and hate God   d. not love God or money

11.) It is our moral responsibility to ____________

a.) hate others    b. be indifferent towards others      c. love others conditionally    d. have unselfish love towards others

12.) One of the ways we can show love to others is _________

a.) be selfish       b. be kind   c. be angry d. take out revenge on them when they offend us

13.) David fought ___________ and killed him

a.) Joab     b. Abner     c. Absalom d. Goliath

14.) David was the son of __________

a.) Jesse   b. Boaz      c. Obed Edom    d. Adamu

15.) David married __________ the daughter of Saul

a.) Memuna        b. Esther    c. Rachel   d. Milcah

16.) __________ was the son of Saul, David’s covenant friend

a.) Absalom                  b. Abner              c. Abihu     d. Jonathan

17.) Saul was plotting to kill David because

a.) he was happy with him     b. he was jealous of him        c. an evil spirit was controlling him    d. B & C

18.) __________ was the musical instrument played by David for Saul, the king

a.) trombone       b. saxophone      c. harp       d. piano

19.) While David was playing his instrument, Saul threw a _________ at him

a.) straw     b. spear     c. arrow      d. machete

20.) Thinking of one’s self without regards of how it affects other people’s state or performance is called ________

a.) selfishness    b. fruitlessness   c. barrenness      d. retro genes

21.) _____________ is the opposite of generosity

a.) selfishness    b. fruitlessness   c. barrenness      d. retro genes

22.) ___________ stole his brother’s blessing

a.) Joseph b. Jacob    c. Isaac      d. Abraham

23.) Living with others peacefully despite their tribes, family background and culture is called

a.) coexistence   b. peaceful coexistence        c. vengeful living          d. tribalism and bigotry

24.) How did Jacob reconcile with his brother Esau?

a.) he went to war against him       b. he apologized and brought gifts c. he ignored him   d. he did nothing

25.) What was Lot’s relationship with Abraham?

a.) brother  b. cousin    c. nephew  d. step son

26.) There was a quarrel between the _______ of Lot and the ________ of Abraham due to land available for grazing

a.) maidservants, maidservants     b. herdsmen, maidservants  c. maidservants, herdsmen  d. herdsmen, herdsmen

27.) How did Abraham reconcile with Lot?

a.) he chased Lot away         b. he went to war against Lot          c. he kept malice with Lot    d. He left the land for Lot

28.) Esau sold his birthright to Jacob in exchange for

a.) millions of naira       b. a pot of porridge       c. 30 pieces of silver    d. a brand new car

29.) When Isaac lived in Gerar, __________ was the King of the Philistines

a.) Xerxes  b. Cyrus     c. Darius    d. Abimelech

30.) Who was the wife of Isaac?

a.) Sarah   b. Rebecca          c. Rachel   d. Leah



In this section, answer any three questions of your choice

1a.) What was the issue Isaac had with the Philistines?

  b.) How was the issue resolved?

2a.) What is the relationship between Philemon and Onesimus?

  b.) Who reconciled Philemon and Onesimus?

  c.) What are the moral lessons in the story of Philemon and Onesimus?

3a.) Define Peaceful coexistence

  b.) State three reasons for peaceful coexistence

4a.) Highlight three dangers of selfishness

   b.) State two right attitudes to money

5a.) Tell a story illustrating the saying that ‘A friend in need is a friend indeed’

  b.) Draw out three moral lessons from the story

6a.) Mention two each

          i.) good uses of money

          ii.) dangers of excessive love of money and wealth

  b.) State three consequences of over-indulgence