Basic Science and Technology - Primary 6 - Exams







Choose the appropriate option to answer the following questions

1.) _________ is the force exerted on a surface by the air above it as gravity pulls it to Earth

a.) humidity         b. air pressure    c. topography      d. atmosphere

2.) The mixture of invisible odorless and tasteless gases that surrounds the earth is called __________

a.) water    b. air c. sea         d. space

3.) All of these are properties of air except

a.) Air takes up space.

b.) Air has mass.

c.) Air is affected by heat.

d.) Air takes has a definite shape and volume

4.) __________ is a kind of invasion game that is played by two teams of eleven players.

a.) basketball      b. hockey   c. football   d. squash

5.) All of these are basic skills in hockey except

a.) skate-handling          b. skating c. shooting d. bouncing

6.) What sort of helmet is suitable for hockey?

a.) iron-clad         b. glass-lined      c. steel-coated    d. foam-lined

7.) Remember the ________ rule when buying a hockey stick.

a.) chin       b. skin        c. slink        d. knee

8.) The ______ tool is used to move layers, selections and guides within a Photoshop document

a.) move    b. marquee          c. artboard d. Elliptical

9.) With the ________ Tool, you can draw a freeform selection outline around an object.

a.) move    b. marquee c. elliptical  d. lasso

10.) The ______ Tool divides an image or layout into smaller sections (slices) which can be exported and optimized separately.

a.) divide    b. slice       c. cut          d. marquee

11.) The weather symbols are symbols with which _________ show various atmospheric and natural conditions on special weather maps.

a.) astronomers  b. meteorologists          c. artisans  d. oceanographers

12.) Someone who studies processes in the earth's atmosphere that cause weather conditions is called __________

a.) astrologist      b. astronauts       c. meteorologists          d. computer technician

13.) A gradual increase in the earth's temperature generally due to the greenhouse effect caused by increased levels of carbon dioxide, CFCs, and other pollutants is called

a.) sight-seeing   b. tourism  c. global warming         c. global torturing

14.) All of these are effects of climate change except

a.) Damage to your home.

b.) Outdoor work could become unbearable.

c.) Higher electric bills and more blackouts.  

d.) cooler environments

15.) ϟ is a weather symbol that means _________

a.) rain storm       b. thunder flash  c. sun with black rays   d. cloudy


16.) The players in a _______ game stand at each end of a table which has a low net across the middle and hit a small light ball over the net, using small bats.

a.) tennis   b. table tennis     c. hockey   d. basketball

17.) All of these are skills in tennis except

a.) loops    b. forehand hits   c. flicks       d. volleying

18.) ________ is the heavenly body in our solar system whose light makes our day and around which the planets revolve.

a.) the sun b. the moon         c. the stars d. galaxies

19.) The Earth revolves (orbits) around the Sun in _______

a.) 6 months       b. 9 months         c. 12 months       d. 18 months

20.) it takes the earth about _______ to make one complete rotation

a.) 1 years b. 6 months         c. 11 weeks         d. 24 hours

21.) __________ is a complete or partial hiding of the sun caused by the moon's passing between the sun and the earth.

a.) sepsis   b. ellipsis   c. solitude  d. eclipse

22.) All of these are artificial sources of light except

a.) torch light       b. lighter     c. matches d. sun

23.) All of these are the effects of the earth movement except

a.) The rotation of the Earth causes the day and the night.

b.) The speed of the Earth's rotation has affected the shape of the Earth.

c.) The Earth's rotation affects the movement of water in the oceans

d.) all of the above

24.) _________ is the venue (stadium or arena) where sporting events are held

a.) equipment     b. place      c. facility    d. sporting place

25.) All of these are examples of sports equipment except

a.) Balls      b. Flying discs     c. Goal posts       d. ice rink

26.) What is the full meaning of PAN?

a.) Personal Area Network    b. Personal Access Network c. Piqued Access Network          d. Personal Area News

27.) _______ topology describes the physical and logical relationship of nodes in a network, the schematic arrangement of the links and nodes, or some hybrid combination thereof.

a.) personal        b. network  c. branded d. marketing

28.) All of these are examples of topology except

a.) Bus topology b. star topology   c. mesh topology d. eclipse topology

29.) _________ is an invisible force that pulls objects toward each other.

a.) comets b. asteroids         c. gravity    d. electricity

30.) Another name for weightlessness is ________

a.) gravity  b. centi-gravity    c. zero gravity     d. none of the above





In this section, answer any three questions of your choice

1a.) Define Physical fitness

  b.) Explain the following

          i.) PAN

          ii.) WLAN

          iii.) MAN

  c.) Explain the concept of rainbow

2a.) Discuss the following giving an example of each

          i.) Primary colours

          ii.) Secondary colours

  b.) Give four examples of objects that have characteristics of natural colours

3a.) Explain

          i.) an atom

          ii.) an element

  b.) List the first 8 elements of the periodic table with their symbols

4a.) Give examples of floor activities in gymnastics

  b.) Explain ‘scratch’

  c.) Enumerate four components of the scratch screen

5a.) Define

          i.) hand tool

          ii.) measuring tool

  b.) Give four examples of measuring tools

  c.) Give two examples each of

          i.) marking tool

          ii.) cutting tool

6a.) What is maintenance?

  b.) State four advantages of maintenance

  c.) Define recreation

  d.) Mention one example each of

          i.) indoor recreational activities

          ii.) outdoor recreational activities