National Values Education - Primary 6 - Exams






Choose the appropriate option to answer the following questions

1.) ___________ is the way of life of people in a particular society

a.) culture  b. customs c. dressing d. language

2.) All of these are effects of the external influence of foreign countries on Nigeria family life except

a.) language       b. marriage practice     c. religion   d. festivals

3.) ___________ are awards that are officially given to a person for his/her contributions to the development of the nation

a.) world cup       b. Olympic medals       c. global trophy   d. national honours

4.) MFR means

a.) Member of the Federal House of Representatives

b.) Member of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

c.) Member of the Order of the Federal Republic

d.) Member of the Forum Repertoire

5.) Only of the President of Nigeria is awarded the ________

a.) GCON  b. GCFR    c. MON      d. OON

6.) All of these are reasons why national honours are awarded except

a.) To recognize and reward the hard work of individuals for the development and growth of the society

b.) To recognize their obedience to the laws of the country

c.) To appreciate their loyalty and patriotism to the country

d.) To allow thieves to keep perpetrating their criminal acts

7.) OON means

a.) Order of the Order of the Nigeria

b.) Organ of Nigeria

c.) Organ of Niger

d.) Order of the Niger

8.) One of these is not an influence of the working parent on the Nigeria family life

a.) Proper upbringing of children

b.) Improper feeding habit learnt by the children

c.) Use of Baby sitters

d.) Inadequate attention to children’s health

9.) All of these are Nigerian Heroes and Heroines who have been awarded National Honours except

a.) Aliko Dangote b. Cliffor Orji        c. Mike Adenuga d. David Mark

10.) A state of being free from dangers or harms at home, in school or anywhere you are is called ________

a.) society  b. scoliosis c. security  d. segregation

11.) All of these are agents of personal security except

a.) parents b. school    c. vigilante d. gangs

12.) When we take extra caution taken to ensure one personal safe at all time, it is called

a.) personal society     b. personal security     c. personal insecurity   d. personal upbringing

13.) _________ marriage is a type of marriage between two ethnic groups.

a.) intra-tribal       b. inti-tribal c. retro-tribal        d. inter-tribal

14.) __________ is a disadvantage of inter-ethnic marriages

a.) intimacy b. companionship         c. procreation      d. language barrier

15.) All of these are advantages of inter-ethnic marriages except

a.) It promotes National unity and eliminates tribalism or ethnicity.

b.) It makes us to know more about other people’s culture and customs.

c.) There is a display of cultural diversity and unity between the family members of the newly wedded couples.

d.) all of the above

16.) All of these are disadvantages of Intra Ethnic Marriage except

a.) Undue and unnecessary interference from family members, friends and relatives.

b.) No privacy or intimacy between the two newly wedded couples as everybody understands whatever messages the couples want to pass to each other.

c.) Mother in Laws.

d.) They practice their customs and traditions

17.) A domestic conflict often leading to a divorce or dissolution of the marital relationship is called

a.) verbal conflict b. educational conflict  c. marital failures d. marital engagements

18.) All of these are problems that can be encountered in marriage except

a.) understanding b. Financial Problem  c. Infertility d. Gossip from friend

19.) The extent to which a good or service is perceived by its customer to meet his or her needs or wants, measured by customer’s willingness to pay for it is called

a.) demand    b. supply c. price       d. value

20.) All of these are foreign made goods except

a.) Electronic devices like TV, Computers, Radio

b.) Farm machines like tractors, planters

c.) Building Materials

d.) farm tools such as cutlass, hoes etc    

21.) These are advantages of foreign culture on Nigeria except

a.) Better Education system

b.) Better ways of doing things

c.) Good health System

d.) herbal drugs

22.) In Nigeria, there are _________ types of religion

a.) two        b. three      c. four        d. five

23.) The inability to accept that other people have the rights to practice their own religion is called

a.) disloyalty       b. intolerance      c. disagreement  d. equity

24.) The full meaning of RRS is

a.) Racial Respect Society

b.) Respect Rest Service

c.) Rapid Response Squad

d.) Racial Running Squeeze

25.) __________ is the force employed to get things done in the society.

a.) employment  b. force      c. breakers d. barriers

26.) The largest trade union in Nigeria is the

a.) Nigeria Union of Journalists

b.) Nigeria Labour Congress

c.) Nigerian Bar Association

d.) National Keepers Forum

27.) ___________ is when one is exposed to or liable to injury, pain, harm, or loss

a.) society  b. danger   c. marginalization         d. weathering

28.) All of these are reasons why Nigerian goods suffer low patronage except

a.) Low quality products

b.) High price

c.) Lack of sufficient advertisement

d.) all of the above

29.) What do you do when faced with danger?

a.) retaliate   b. confront it      c. run far away from it   d. keep it to yourself

30.) Money that is paid monthly to a worker for doing work is called

a.) incomes         b. salary     c. wages    d. stipends




In this section, answer any three questions of your choice

1a.) Explain five reasons for differences in wages

  b.) Explain the following aspects of income management

          i.) savings

          ii.) investment

          iii.) Charity

  c.) Define Wages

2a.) Highlight four benefits of foreign trade

  b.) Explain

          i.) Unemployment

          ii.) Employment

  c.) Outline two solutions to unemployment

3a.) Describe three ways made in Nigeria goods can be encouraged

  b.) Give four examples of Nigerian made goods

  c.) Mention three of the goods Nigeria export

4a.) Discuss three benefits of international trade

  b.) Define income distribution

  c.) Mention three things to do when faced with danger

5a.) Give three examples of trade union associations in Nigeria

  b.) Describe two ways workers interests or concerns can be expressed

6a.) Highlight three roles of religious bodies in Nigeria especially with regards to religious tolerance

  b.) Discuss two ways to control religious intolerance