Cultural and Creative Arts - Primary 6 - Exams




CLASS: PRIMARY 6                                                   SUBJECT: CCA


Choose the appropriate option to answer the following questions

1.) The drawing of human beings is called __________ drawing

a.) still life  b. landscape       c. natural   d. life

2.) Another name for figure drawing is __________ drawing

a.) still life  b. landscape       c. natural   d. life

3&4.) Life drawing can be in __________ and _____________ form

a.) plural, complex       b. singular, bent  c. portrait, landscape   d. straight, crooked

5.) In the __________, the drawing is such that the whole body of the model is not drawn

a.) bust      b. composite       c. architecture     d. sculpture

6.) In ___________, the full length of the body is drawn from the head to the toes

a.) portrait  b. landscape       c. side view         d. rear view

7.) A drawing of the real-life imitation of a person based on description is called ___________

a.) portrait  b. landscape       c. the bust  d. composite drawing

8.) Works produced by Nigerian artists are called _________

a.) African artworks      b. foreign artworks       c. Nigerian artworks     d. none of the above

9.) All of these could be demonstrated using art except

a.) culture  b. history    c. a moral lesson d. all of the above

10.) All of these are examples of Nigerian artworks except

a.) weaving b. pottery   c. carving   d. splash painting

11.) An outline of events in a play is called

a.) plot        b. cast        c. crew       d. make-up

12.) _________ is a place where the play is performed

a.) stage    b. makeup c. editing room    d. costumes

13.) Those who watch a play are called _____________

a.) character       b. audience         c. spectator         d. congregation

14.) The characters in a play are called _________

a.) players b. mob       c. actors/actresses       d. members

15.) The movement of all the parts of the body to a rhythm is called

a.) dance   b. drama    c. music     d. none of the above

16.) __________ represents the culture and traditions of a people and place

a.) local dance    b. foreign dance c. intercontinental dance       d. international dance

17.) __________ are raw materials suitable to be made into clothes

a.) texture  b. tester     c. textile     d. femur

18.) Natural colours are also known as __________

a.) primary colours       b. secondary colours   c. tertiary colours d. intermediate colours

19.)  When a primary and secondary colours is mixed, __________ is produced

a.) primary colour         b. secondary colour     c. tertiary colour  d. intermediate colour

20.) All of these are examples of secondary colours except

a.) Orange b. Green    c. Red        d. Purple

21.) All of these are examples of textiles except

a.) chiffron b. rayon     c. silk          d. blue

22.) A group of people singing together especially as one that takes part in public presentations in places such as the church, stadium etc is called

a.) team     b. group     c. choir       d. host

23.) All of these are parts in music except

a.) soprano b. alto         c. terror      d. bass

24.) A musical performance by two or more persons is called __________

a.) solo       b. duet       c. quarter   d. trio

25.) When two or more persons or instruments perform simultaneously, it is called ________

a.) melody b. harmony c. solo        d. pentatonix

26.) __________ is the process of choosing the actors/actress for a play production.

a.) drawing lots   b. casting   c. membership    d. generalization

27.) A form of practice in preparation for a performance is called _________

a.) warm up                  b. rehearsal        c. costumes        d. promotions

28.) Who supervises and directs the actions in a play production?

a.) producer        b. director  c. gaffer     d. director of photography

29.) All of these are skills acquired by great actors/actresses except

a.) good memorization b. focus      c. confidence      d. fakeness

30.) The arrangement of lines, shapes and other elements is called ____________

a.) patterns          b. designs  c. texture   d. A & B



In this section, answer any three questions of your choice

1a.) List three types of cards and their purpose

  b.) State 8 materials needed for making card

2a.) Define Motifs

  b.) Enumerate three types of motifs

3a.) Define Nigerian Musical instruments

  b.) Give three examples of Nigerian Musical instruments

4a.) Explain the roles of the following in a play

          i.) Producer

          ii.) Choreographer

          iii.) Director

  b.) Define

          i.) Casting

          ii.) Rehearsal

5a.) Explain the meaning of choir

  b.) List and explain three types of singing

6a.) Explain the following giving one example of each

          i.) Primary colours

          ii.) Secondary colours

          iii.) Tertiary colours

  b.) What is characterisation?