Christian Religious Studies - Primary 6 - Exams




CLASS: PRIMARY 6                                                   SUBJECT: CRK


Choose the appropriate option to answer the following questions

1.) What was Paul’s original name?

a.) Judas   b. Peter      c. Phillip     d. Saul

2.) Paul’s father was a __________ citizen and also a ____________,

a.) Roman, mechanic  b. Grecian, driver          c. Roman, tentmaker   d. Egyptian, sculptor

3.) Paul became a __________.

a.) accountant     b. lawyer    c. engineer d. architect

4.) Paul in his early days, was on an assignment to ___________ the church

a.) build      b. destroy  c. grow       d. uphold

5.) Paul’s mission was to preach to ____________

a.) only the Jews b. Only the Gentiles     c. Both the Jews and the Gentiles d.) none of them

6.) Who baptized Paul?

a.) Ananias          b. Bartholomew            c. Zerrubabel      d.   Matthew

7.) Paul was responsible for the execution of __________, the first Christian Martyr.

a.) Stephen                   b. Barnabas        c. Joshua   d. Moses

8.) Jesus arrested Paul on his way to ___________

a.) Bethlehem     b. Judea    c. Damascus       d. Samaria

9.) Paul was blinded with a ___________

a.) stick      b. water      c. light        d. darkness

10.) __________ is a state of being owned by a person, as a piece of property

a.) bondage                  b. inspiration       c. motivation       d. freedom

11.) The nation of __________ were held in bondage under the Egyptians

a.) Assyria b. Persia    c. Babylon d. Israel

12.) Joseph invited his father and his ________ sons to come and live in Egypt

a.) 20          b. 30           c. 60           d. 70

13.) When did the persecution of the Israelites begin in Egypt?

a.) before the death of Joseph       b. while Joseph was a prime minister      c.) after the death of Joseph     d. when Joseph was a slave in Portiphar’s house

14.) Moses means

a.) a child of laughter   b. a son of consolation c. because I drew him out of the water          d. he is the light

15.) Both of Moses parents were from the tribe of __________

a.) Dan       b. Gad        c. Issachar d. Levi

16.) _________ and _________ are the names of Moses’ parents

a.) Boaz, Ruth     b. Amram, Jochebed   c. Delilah, Samson       d. Levi, Tamar

17.) Moses was only _________ months when he could no longer be hidden in the house

a.) 3            b. 5             c. 7             d. 9

18.) Who discovered Moses at the river bank and picked him up?

a.) Miriam  b. Pharaoh’s daughter c. Rahab    d. Naomi

19.) In Moses’ early life he committed the sin of ___________ in his defense of his people, the Israelites.

a.) fornication      b. murder            c. Lies        d. blasphemy

20.) Moses married _________ while he was in Midian

a.) Deborah                  b. Zipporah          c. Martha   d. Denise

21.) _________ means ‘for I have been a sojourner in a foreign land’

a.) Zeus     b. Gershom         c. Shealtiel          d. Barachiah

22.) Who was Moses’ Father-in-law?

a.) Richard b. Jethro    c. Nebuchadnezzar      d. Isaiah

23.) In the land of Midian, God introduced himself to Moses as the

a.) I am that I am b. the beginning and the end c. The Jealous God     d. The creator of the heavens and the earth

24.) Who was Moses’ interpreter and prophet?

a.) Aaron   b. Joshua  c. David     d. Peter

25.) God sent ________ plagues in order to force the hand of Pharaoh to release the Israelites

a.) 12          b. 10           c. 7             d. 5

26.) While the Israelites journeyed, they were accompanied by __________ in the day and __________ in the night  

a.) sea, ocean     b. pillar of fire, pillar of cloud c. pillar of cloud, pillar of fire d.) angel of steel, angel of war

27.) What did Moses stretch to the Red sea to divide it?

a.) rod                  b. staff       c. signet ring       d. hands

28.) _________ was the land of Promise God gave to the Israelites

a.) Egypt    b. Gaza      c. Canaan           d. Medes and Persia

29.) For how many years did the Israelites travel in the wilderness?

a.) 500       b. 200        c. 40           d. 10

30.) ________ was appointed to replace Moses and to lead the Israelites to the promised land

a.) Joseph b. Judas    c. Joshua   d. Nathaniel



In this section, answer any three questions of your choice

1a.) What happened to the Pharaoh and his army at the Red Sea?

  b.) Narrate the story of the passage of the Israelites across the Red Sea.

2a.) List the names of the 12 sons of Jacob

  b.) Explain

          i.) Mission

          ii.) Baptism

3a.) Narrate the story of Moses’ death

  b.) State five of the plagues God sent on the Egyptians before they released the Israelites

4a.) Narrate the incidence surrounding the first Passover

  b.) What was Moses’ complain when God called him?

5a.) Write out the instruction that was given to Moses by God when God called him

  b.) State three reasons why the Israelites were oppressed

6a.) What are the moral lessons in the story of the conversion of Paul?

  b.) Highlight three importance of Paul’s conversion