Basic Science and Technology - Primary 6 - Exams







Choose the appropriate option to answer the following questions

1.) All of these are examples of living things except

a.) plants   b. animals  c. human beings d. wood

2.) All of these are attributes of non-living things except

a.) they don’t respire    b. they don’t move       c. they don’t respond to stimuli       d. they reproduce and grow

3.) One of these is not an example of a non-living thing

a.) rock       b. mountains       c. oceans   d. animals

4.) Combinations of physical movements with sounds, beats, or music is

called _________

a.) rhythmic activities   b. exercises        c. rest         d. sleep

5.)  ­____________ is the simulation of human intelligence processes by

machines, especially computer systems

a.) robotics          b. artificial intelligence c. natural wit        d. natural grits

6.) The full meaning of AI is

 a.) Artificial Integration b. Artificial Internet       c. Artificial Intelligence d. Artificial In-boarding

7.) One of the advantages of AI is that

a.) it can work just for a short period of time

b.) it can only handle small amounts of data

c.) it can get easily bored

d.) It can stay productive even with repeated automated tasks

8.) An example of AI we can use in depositing and withdrawing money

Without getting to the bank is called

a.) speech recognition b. virtual assistant        c. ATM       d. RSA

9.) __________ includes using a variety of equipment, such as a hoe,

plough, cultivator, and varied methods, such as ploughing, levelling, and

manuring, to prepare the soil for producing crops with higher yields and


a.) soil fertility      b. soil preparation        c. soil maintenance      d. soil hydration

10.) What is the first step in growing crops?

a.) clear the land and stump it

b.) After deciding what to grow, till the land by loosening the soil

c.) Create ridges or make mounds depending on what you want to plant

d.) mixing in fertilizers in the soil to make it nutrient rich.  

11.) All of these are ways we can nurture plants planted except

a.) After the crop has been planted, water it often

b.) Weed it appropriately so it can grow healthily without hassles. Also control pests away from the planted crop.

c.) Apply manure and fertilizers for healthy and quality growth

d.) create no barricades against flooding

12.) __________ and __________ are examples of rhythmic activities

a.) sleeping, snoring    b. walking, talking         c. skipping, galloping   d. leaping, limping

13.) _________ is the system that contains the heart and the blood vessels and is responsible for transporting blood within the body

a.) reproductive system                  b. circulatory system    c. nervous system        d. olfactory system

14.)  The heart has __________ chambers

a.) three     b. two         c. four        d. five

15.) _________ receives oxygen-poor blood from the body and pumps it to

the right ventricle

a.) centre atrium b. left atrium        c. right atrium      d. atrium

16.) The right ventricle pumps the oxygen-poor blood to the __________.

a.) lungs              b. kidney    c. liver        d. oesophagus

17.) The _________ is responsible for pumping hormones and other vital

substances to different parts of the body

a.) heart     b. kidney    c. lungs      d. liver

18.) ___________ is a field event where athletes compete by comparing lengths of their jumps where athletes try to jump as far as they can

a.) hockey b. athletics c. long jump        d. high jump

19.) __________ and __________ are phases in long jump

a.) grip, stance   b. swing, grip       c. forehand drive, balance    d. the take-off, the flight

20.) __________ is considered as the best drawing software among these

a.) Microsoft excel        b. Microsoft Power point        c. Adobe Photoshop    d.) Procreate

21.) Nutrients are transported throughout your body through your blood via


a.) ventricles       b. veins      c. capillaries        d. atriums

22.) ________ carries blood back toward the heart

a.) ventricles       b. veins      c. capillaries        d. atriums

23.) _________ is an athletic event in which a competitor has to jump over a high bar set between two vertical supports.

a.) hockey b. athletics c. long jump        d. high jump

24.) Any substance (other than food) that is used to prevent, diagnose, treat, or relieve symptoms of a disease or abnormal condition is called ___________

a.) alcohol b. stimuli    c. drugs     d. liquids

25.) __________ are chemical substances produced by human being to prevent or cure diseases

a.) naturally occurring drugs b. synthetic drugs         c. foaming drugs d. natural absorbers

26.) All of these are importance of drugs except

a.) lowering blood pressure

b.) curing infection

c.) relieving pain

d.) all of the above

27.) The ability to take charge of your health by making conscious decisions to be healthy is called __________

a.) personal pains        b. personal healthcare c. personal promotion  d. personal branding

28.) Another name for tooth decay is ___________

a.) conjunctivitis  b. cavities  c. corona virus    d. centroesema

29.) The best toothpaste is __________

a.) niacinic toothpaste b. chlorine-based tooth paste         c. fluoride toothpaste   d. carbonic toothpaste

30.) It is advisable to replace the tooth brush every ________

a.) 6 months       b. 2 years  c. decade  d. 15 years



In this section, answer any three questions of your choice

1a.) Give four examples of materials used for personal healthcare

  b.) State three importance of personal healthcare

2a.) Highlight two causes of tooth decay

  b.) Enumerate three ways of preventing tooth decay

3a.) Define Reproductive system

  b.) Outline the structure of the male and female reproductive system

  c.) List two each of

          i.) male reproductive organs

          ii.) female reproductive organs

4a.) Define basketball

  b.) State four skills in basketball

  c.) Outline three safety rules in basketball

5a.) Explain the meaning of “Script”

  b.) highlight the structure of scratch script

  c.) Where is the script area located?

6a.) Define puberty

  b.) Enumerate three changes that occur

          i.) in girls during puberty

          ii.) in boys during puberty

  c.) Discuss two importance of puberty in child development